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Are You a “Good Enough” Writer to Blog for Your Company?

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I was recently talking to a staffing company owner when he explained that he can’t blog for his company, because never felt he could dedicate the time to “finish” a blog post. He has strong opinions and ideas, and he feels like writing a blog post is never done, there’s always more content to add, things change over time, there’s something more to be said.

He’s not wrong. Things change. There’s often more to say. But that shouldn’t keep you from blogging.

Take a step back.

What’s the point of blogging? Blogging allows you to have the opportunity to answer your audience’s most pressing questions in your area of expertise. It allows you to provide insight and solutions. You can become a valued resource and build your online reputation.

A blog post doesn’t have to be final to be shared.

Our industry is constantly changing. That’s not a problem – it’s an opportunity. Blogs can be edited. Changes are opportunity to write a follow-up post to show your expertise and how you’re up-to-date with trends and changes.

You’re an expert – but you don’t have to be a perfectionist.

You’ve heard the expression, “perfection is the enemy of good.” If you feel as though nothing is ever final, stop thinking this way. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s great to reflect on what you’ve done before and share new ideas to improve or expand on the idea.

If you’re reading this and still can’t fathom the idea of writing yourself – it’s time to delegate. Haley Marketing has a team of experienced writing professions well-versed in staffing and recruiting. We can brainstorm ideas, or you can share your ideas and we can flesh them out on your behalf. We’re here to ghostwrite for you to take pressure out of the equation to allow you to be the expert and showcase your knowledge.

Stop delaying – make blogging a priority today.

Start writing. Or pick up the phone and call Haley Marketing to learn more about how our writing services can help.

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