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What the heck is DNS?

What the Heck is DNS
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When you’re getting ready to launch your brand-new staffing website, you may hear the term “DNS” come up. Updating your DNS (Domain Name System) settings is typically one of the final steps needed for launching your new website out to the public. If you haven’t heard of DNS, it can be confusing and leave you scratching your head.


What the heck is DNS?

You can think of DNS as a telephone book (or for newer generations, Google). As an example, pretend you want to make reservations at your favorite restaurant. Before you can do that, you need to know the restaurant’s phone number. To find the phone number, you use the telephone book (or Google) to look it up. Once you’ve obtained the phone number, you can proceed to make your reservation.


DNS works in that same exact fashion. Pretend your favorite restaurant is your new website. The restaurant phone number is your website’s IP address (an IP address is a phone number that computers use to talk with each other). When you visit your website on the internet, a “DNS” lookup is performed, the IP address for your website is returned, and you see your website display.


Why do I have to change my DNS?

Let’s pretend your favorite restaurant just moved to a new location. Due to the location change, the restaurant was given a new phone number. The restaurant needs to let the phonebook know of this change or the public will keep calling the old, disconnected, number. The same thing happens when your website moves to a new server. Your website has a new IP address, so we notify DNS of this change by updating a few settings. Now, when the public views your website, they see it at the new location. Visit our blog to learn more about tech and staffing.

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