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Summer Social Media Tips For Recruiters

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“You’re one in a melon!”

Ok, I can hear the collective groan 🙂

It’s true though.  Every company is different somehow.  It’s up to you to show your customers and clients HOW you’re different.  A really easy way to do this is to be relatable and fun on social media.

Also, everyone likes to save a little money, spend a little less effort, all while getting the job done, right?

Let’s say, you have a great website, solid blogging program and a way to distribute the content like a monthly newsletter.

As a franchise owner, location manager, or recruiter, what are some tools that you can effectively use to make your social media pages look good, have a little fun, and do it with resources that are pretty easy to use?

6 Social Media Recruiting Tips For This Summer

1. I want to do some basic image editing:

Try BeFunky for free!  You can:

  • resize images
  • apply custom filters
  • add sticker (some are free)
  • add layers and text
  • and, it comes with great social graphic templates

The upside: It’s really easy to use – The downside:  the free options are somewhat limited

Another Great Option!

Try Pikwizard for free! This free photo site also includes a really easy-to-use editing suite! You get free access to:

  • high quality images
  • free editing suite (with paid options)
  • variety of images that include people, not just objects or scenery

The upside: It is easy to find original images and edit them seamlessly in the online editing suite.  The downside:  Not as many images as some sites, but the library is growing quickly!

2. I want to make my social posts a little more fun and relatable

 Add gifs to your social posts partnered with some “catchy” calls-to-action:

“Feel like you’re invisible at work?  Check out these great jobs near you!”

Need some spending money and the lemonade stand just isn’t cutting it? We’re hiring!



Your phone’s keyboard has a gif option built into it.  If you’re posting a job on Facebook, adding a funny dog skateboarding gif is going to get someone’s attention quicker than an all-text post.

Pro Tip: Facebook already has a gif option when you go to put up a new post.

3. I have premium paid images on my blogs, but I need some decent free images to share with my ads.

It’s always better NOT to copy pics from google to use to your business page, especially when you intend to add your logo to it or offer paid services. That’s a big no-no!  There are multiple sites with free images for you to use.

Pro Tip: upload a different image to every Facebook Job or post. Nothing is duller than a Facebook page with the same cover image on every single post. Plus, an original interesting images is 3x more likely to grab someone’s attention than text alone and 65% of us are visual learners.

The upside: they are free!!  The downside: You might not find exactly the pic you wanted and may have to settle for something a little more generic, and you’ll find lots of the same images on multiple sites. For blogging, paying for a couple of branded images that are top-quality is worth it.

Free image sites:






Here is a great blog on choosing great images for your website or social media posts

PRO TIP: Take pics and vids on your phone for FREE!!!  Turn your videos into Boomerangs on Instagram.  Get your recruiters to post fun videos showing the personal side of your business. Go live on Facebook during a hiring event.  LinkedIn now has the option to post videos right from your phone.

 4. I need followers for my social pages but don’t have the budget to pay for them.

 Google the following phrases for great tutorials (don’t click on the links labeled, “Ad”) for the best advice.

  • “How to Invite People to Like My Facebook Business Page”
  • “How Hashtags Can Get Me Followers on Instagram”
  • “How To Build My LinkedIn Connections”
  • “How To Build Up My Twitter Followers”

You can also run very affordable like campaigns that are targeted by location and interest to get folks to like your page on an ongoing basis.

5. I need to find job applicants – and fast!

The Facebook Jobs feature is officially going worldwide.  It has been so successful since it was rolled out last year, that Facebook has announced that is making the tool available across the globe!

Let’s “face” it. There are over 214 million Facebook users in the US that of the working age. If you haven’t tried this out yet, you need to! If you are looking for job inquiries, this is the path of least resistance.  Here is a great resource for how to post effective Facebook Jobs.  Posting to relevant Facebook groups where job seekers hangout is also a great strategy. To get better applicants, let a social media expert create the ads and manage the investment for you.  Running ads for Facebook jobs brought HUGE results for this staffing company who was looking to reach active and passive job seekers across the country. There are even ways to create forms that will collect leads for you on an ongoing basis.

6. I need more resources!!!!

If you are looking for more resources, this blog has a whole list of podcasts and blogs that can help you out. If you are looking for a custom social media strategy, pulling in an expert is a better idea.

Haley Marketing Group specializes in custom social media strategies and will even do the heavy lifting for you!

We’d love to connect you with a social media expert to help you form a social recruiting plan that is effective and measurable.  The moral of the story – you are – “One in a melon.”  You just need to get your brand out there. (Queue the summer puns)

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