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The Guide Every Social Media Intern Should Read Before Launching a Campaign for the Staffing Industry

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If you’re reading this because your boss forwarded you the link…stay with me.

I promise there will be enough information in this post to not only survive your summer internship, but also excel in a way that helps you fight for a job when you graduate.

In the time I’ve spent working at Haley Marketing Group we’ve lost clients for numerous reasons. There is one that, I admit, is more difficult for me to grasp.

The conversation usually goes like this:
“Brad. We love everything you’re doing, but we’ve decided to let our intern run with the program for now.”

For me, this comes as a giant value shock. Our team spends thousands of hours collectively learning about the social media and content marketing space.

We obsess over data and metrics to find out what trends are worth pursuing and which trends are worth holding out for. We subscribe to dozens of podcasts and blogs and purchase access to key events like Social Media Marketing World and Staffing World to ensure we’re constantly learning and growing.

To be replaced by anyone (not just an intern) can be a tough pill to swallow.

Until now.

See when it comes to being replaced you can look at it in two ways.

The negative individual gets bitter. “I hope they fail”

The positive individual hopes for their success while also turning the mirror around and reflecting on what they can do personally to get better to avoid the situation from happening again.

I choose to live with the second option.

If there’s anything GaryVee has taught me in the countless hours I’ve spent watching DailyVee it’s that positivity always wins and that if your product isn’t selling or working its 100% your fault.

So our team obsesses over what’s working and, more importantly, what’s not so we can continue to live by our core values.

But, this article isn’t about me or Haley Marketing Group. This article is for you, the social media intern or newest hire tasked with running the social media for a staffing agency.

The following is a series of resources for you. To help you excel in your role, because I’ve been there.

Interning with the Buffalo Sabres as their Social Media/Digital Media Marketing Intern in 2012 laid the foundation for who I am today. Because of the team I was surrounded by, I developed a passion for social media, content creation and digital marketing.

Ready to make the most of your internship opportunity? Let’s get started.

3 Questions Every Social Media Intern Should Ask When Starting at a New Staffing Firm

“What is the main goal of your firm by the end of the year?”

Everybody loves to go on vacation.

But,  you wouldn’t go on vacation without knowing your end destination.

You wouldn’t get in your car and simply drive, hoping that you make it to the beach or a resort. Instead, you would think about that end destination and work backward, developing an effective strategy that would get you there safely and in the most efficient way possible.

Your staffing firm’s social media strategy should follow the same mentality!

Before you think about the tactics and what you’d like to do on social media you should sit down and think about the goals you’re trying to achieve! Otherwise, how will you know if what you did was effective? How will you know if you reached your end destination?

Related Content: Starting at the End: Identifying Your Goals

“How will my success be benchmarked?”

Will your efforts be measured against the total number of applications gathered in a given time period? What about contact form submissions? Is your firm focused on increasing job orders? How will you measure those across the team and equate them to the tactics your deploying?

Are you looking at very tactical goals? Maybe likes on Facebook?

By understanding what you’re trying to accomplish and having a quantifiable goal, you’ll be able to set benchmarks along the way.

Related Content: What to Track — How to Measure the Success of Your Online Marketing

“What resources do I have available to me?”

From access to your CEO’s LinkedIn account for personal sharing to a portion of your organization’s recruitment marketing budget, understanding what resources you have available to you will help you develop a strategy for success.

The Ultimate Social Media Resource Guide

Social media and digital marketing change rapidly. Here is a comprehensive list of the best blogs and podcasts that I subscribe to and the best books I’ve read in 2018.


Social Media Examiner: Your guide to navigating the Social Media Jungle

Moz: The industry’s top wizards, doctors, and other experts offer their best advice, research, how-tos, and insights—all in the name of helping you level-up your SEO and online marketing skills.

Litmus: Everything you need to know about the latest trends in email marketing.

Neil Patel: A comprehensive list of resources put together by the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics.

Ask Haley: The latest trends in staffing websites, social media & content marketing, SEO, PPC, graphic design and even advice providing share-worthy service!


Social Pros:  The inside stories and behind-the-scenes secrets about how companies like Ford, Dell, IBM, ESPN, and dozens more staff, operate, and measure their social media programs. Hosted by Jay Baer and Adam Brown.

FOMOfanz: The goal of Fomofanz is to turn your fear of missing out on the joy of missing out by keeping you up to date with the latest trends as well providing actionable insights around social media marketing, live streaming, digital storytelling, social business collaboration as well as the millennial mindset. Hosted by Brian Fanzo

The Speaker Lab: A weekly show designed to help you start and grow your professional speaking career and business.Hosted by Grant Baldwin

The GaryVee Audio Experience: Hear episodes of favorite “jam sessions” called #podSessions, a mix of best highlights from the DAILYVEE documentary video series, #AskGaryVee Show episodes, keynote speeches on marketing and business, interviews, fireside chats, and any of his new and current thoughts that are recorded specifically for this audio experience! Hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk

The Blog Millionaire: The secret blogging strategies that pro bloggers use to grow their traffic and monetize their blogs. Hosted by Brandon Gaille.

The Science of Social Media: Your weekly sandbox for social media marketing stories, insights, experimentation, and inspiration.Hosted by Buffer

Perpetual Traffic: Actionable advice for generating more leads and sales for your business through channels like Facebook advertising. Hosted by Digital Marketer.

Secrets of Staffing Success: Interviews with staffing firm owners and industry leaders to evaluate their best practices, unique differentiators, and tricks of the trade that deliver world-class performance.Hosted by Haley Marketing Group


Crushing It (Gary Vaynerchuk)

Crush It (Gary Vaynerchuk)

The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google (Scott Galloway)

Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done (Jon Acuff)

Visibility Marketing (David Avrin)

Growth Hacker Marketing (Ryan Holiday)

The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace (Cy Wakeman)

High Velocity Hiring: How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant (Scott Wintrip)

How Can Haley Marketing Help?

Whether you’re a staffing firm owner just getting started on social media, the social media coordinator for a specific firm, or a summer intern ready to take their social strategy to the next level, Haley Marketing Group has the team in place to help support your initiatives.

With Social Pro by Haley Marketing, one of our skilled Social Media Marketing Advisors will take responsibility for developing your organization’s voice on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. By posting quality content, top jobs, and other branded shareables every day, your firm will be positioned as a premier resource for job seekers and employers within your target market.

Your advisor is also available to answer specific questions about other leading social platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. We understand the social space and want to help you make the most out of your time spent on every platform.

Did I mention Social Pro assisted in clients winning six ASA Voice and Genius Awards?

Not sure you need a full social media advisor to execute your strategy?

Just need a little coaching along the way?

That’s fine too!

We’d love to consult with your team on a monthly basis, giving your social media coordinator or internal team member tasked with social responsibilities additional tips and best practices to help them crush social media!


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