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Does Social Sharing Seem Daunting? Not Anymore!

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So, you’ve decided you want to share more content on your social media platforms, but where the heck do you start? It can seem overwhelming at first when you decide to make an effort on social media, especially when it comes to what you should be sharing. But taking a couple hours out of your month can make the whole thing easier.

Make a Calendar

The best way to plan the month and the content to be shared is with a calendar, especially if you’re aiming for a daily post on social media. A content calendar is a great way to write down all your posts and prevent duplicates. Once you have spent the time planning, the execution is the easy part since it’s all right there in your face.

Decide Your Post Frequency

This is important. There’s no need to post every single day if you don’t have to. You need to figure out a post frequency for each platform and stick to it. The frequency is dependent upon your experience and authority on social media. If you are smaller, you may want to post less frequently. Many times, your followers can feel bombarded on social media by your posts and will unfollow you. Start small and work your way up as your follower count increases.

Content is King

Ever heard the phrase “Content is king?” Like it or not, it’s true. The main goal of anyone’s social media initiative should be to drive people back to your website. Start by sharing a mix of blog posts, news articles and links to your Contact Us page. You will also want to consider making it fun for your followers. Try looking up some holidays coming up and using an image along with a hashtag that is engaging. Look into #MotivationMonday, #TestimonialTuesday or #FunFactFriday so your followers like and share your posts, which gets you in front of more people. If you don’t have a lot of content to fill up a month of sharing, go ahead and share links to articles by thought leaders in your industry or news that is relevant to you. Your posts on social media only get in the face of your followers for a short time, so the more content the better.

Use Your Resources

If you’re running out of ideas on what to post, check out your website’s analytics and reuse the posts that have done well. If your readers engaged with them once, they will most likely engage again. If you are running short on content, encourage your team to write blogs or news articles. Take a look at what happened when Team Haley had our annual Blogging Challenge. This will be a huge supply of content for you to share on your social media channels. If you serve a specific area, share some upcoming events with your followers to generate a discussion and gain local followers.

Now that you’ve got the tips to amplify your social sharing strategy, go out and use them! If you’re looking for a custom social strategy for your business, contact one of our marketing educators for more information!

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