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What Can Blogging Do for You? Our 90-Day Blogging Challenge and Your Company (part 3 of 3)

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In the first installment of this series, I outlined the 90-day blogging challenge our team took on over the summer.

In the second installment, I provided you with our results.

Now it’s time to review how our content marketing experiment can benefit your organization!

What Do the Results from Our Blogging Challenge Mean for YOUR Staffing Firm?

First off, don’t let our challenge intimidate you.

We certainly took blogging to the extreme the past three months.

Your staffing firm can start developing and executing a content marketing and blogging strategy with just one blog post every week.

More importantly, this challenge confirms a concept we’ve been preaching and following for over five years.

Content Works!

Not only does blogging help position you and your organization as a thought leader, but consistently publishing new articles on your website continues to be a leading way to drive new visitors to your website.

For staffing and recruiting firms, this means more candidates and more clients coming directly to you to find the answers to the pain points they are currently experiencing.

When combined with a well-designed website that guides visitors through your conversion funnel (i.e., applying to a job or requesting information on your services), blogging translates to more job applications and job orders…all coming directly to you!

Ready to launch your own blogging program, but don’t think you have the time to create your own weekly articles?

We work with writers all over the U.S. – people who know how to write and understand the staffing industry. Plus, our writers must complete an online training program in search engine optimization to ensure your posts get the best SEO value.

Want the full Blogging Challenge article?

Get the entire Idea Club article, “Does blogging really work in staffing? Case Study Results” here.

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