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What Can Blogging Do for You? Our 90-Day Blogging Challenge Results (part 2 of 3)

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What business benefits can consistent blogging deliver for a company? In my first post in this series, I described the 90-Day Blogging Challenge we created for our team over the summer.

I know what you’re thinking: That’s great, David, but how did it go???

Check Out the Results (WOW!):

With the last blog published at 4:30 p.m. on August 31 (talk about a photo finish to get an article published, Rick), we exceeded our goal of 90 blogs in 90 days, finishing with 102 articles published by 43 different team members!

So, what impact did publishing 102 articles in 90 days have on Haley Marketing and our website?

Comparing June 1 – August 31 to March 1 – May 31 we saw the following results on our website:

  • Total Pageviews increased by 7.95%
  • Total Website Sessions increased by 10.12%
  • Traffic from Organic Search increased by 3.44%
  • Direct traffic to our website increased by 25.19%
  • Sessions from Social Media increased by 45.45%
  • Sessions from Twitter increased by 64.55%
  • Sessions from Facebook increased by 32.29%
  • Sessions from LinkedIn increased by 50%
  • Traffic to individual blog articles increased by 28.66%

And that overall traffic was pushed through our conversion funnel…achieving the following results!

  • Sidebar Actions (Traffic to Idea Club Signups and eBook Downloads) increased by 47.31%
  • Call to Action clicks increased by 730%
  • Traffic to our services pages increased by 12.7%

The Top 20 Articles From the 90 Blogs in 90 Days Challenge

Even if you follow the Ask Haley blog, chances are you missed a few of our articles. Here are the top 20 blogs by pageviews published throughout the Summer Blogging Challenge:

  1. Should I Set Up Individual Facebook Location Pages for My Staffing Company? — Brad S.
  2. Why I Took a Not-So-Glamorous Temporary Job Right Out of College and How This Could Benefit Other Grads Too — Corinne
  3. From Full-Time Student to Full-Time Adult — Haley
  4. Unemployment Rate Hits 10-Year Low, Land More Applications Through Facebook Jobs – Brad B.
  5. Social Media Mistakes Made on National Donut Day and How to Avoid Them – Michelle
  6. On the Subject of … Subject Lines – Mackenzie
  7. What Else Can a Teacher Do? – Shira
  8. You Need Candidates (and So Does Everyone Else!) – Mackenzie
  9. Don’t Hit That Forward Button! – Mark
  10. My Favorite Podcasts: Staffing, Writing, Productivity – Cathy
  11. Just a Gen X Girl Living in a Millennial World – Jenn
  12. Who’s Helping Your Website Visitors at 3 a.m.? – Vicki
  13. Tired of Seeing the Same Stock People? So Are We. – Natalie
  14. How to Make the Most Out of Each Day – Cody
  15. 5 Tips for Local SEO Performance – Daniel
  16. Does Content Marketing Work for Recruiting Candidates? – Brad S.
  17. You Can’t Target Everyone … And That’s OK – Michelle
  18. They Come in Every Color of the Rainbow – Rick B.
  19. Want Your Website to Do More for You? Think Mobile! (Part 2 of 3) – David
  20. Why You Should Secure Your Website, or, The S in HTTPS Stands for $$ – Rob

Up Next: What Does Our Blogging Challenge Mean for Your Staffing Firm?

Why should you care about our blogging challenge? My next installment in this series will explain how our little experiment can translate into better blogging results for you.

Don’t want to wait for the next post to publish? Download the Idea Club article, “Does blogging really work in staffing? Case Study Results” now!

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