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Social Media Mistakes Made on National Donut Day and How to Avoid Them

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Friday, June 2, was National Donut Day. I picked up donuts for my office and luckily, I called the night before, because there was a 30-minute wait just to get to the counter at Paula’s Donuts, arguably the best donuts in Western New York. Even a local news station was covering that Paula’s location!

Being on the social media team, I took photos of the donuts when I got back to the office and shared them to our company Instagram feed. I was really excited to see what other companies did on Instagram and Facebook because there are a lot of creative things you can do with one of these silly “national holidays” that we seem to have every day of the year.

This is when I saw a major mistake on Facebook.

A staffing company (not a Haley Marketing client) posted a link to a USA Today article about where to find free Krispie Kreme donuts. They boosted the post on Facebook, meaning they paid money to make it show up in more feeds so more people would see it. Ordinarily, this is a fantastic way for staffing agencies to promote jobs on their job board, the dates and locations of job fairs, and other important information they want more people to see. The post did great by “boosting” standards – it reached 2,765 people, it was shared twice, and 19 people liked it. It probably got a lot of clicks to the article as well.

The problem is, it only benefited USA Today (and possibly increased foot traffic to Krispy Kreme). The staffing company essentially spent a portion of their marketing budget to increase traffic to usatoday.com! I understand their thought process, but it missed the mark.

How do you fix this?

A better way to have done this would be to create a blog post about the Krispie Kreme locations in your area only. You can share the link to that post and drive traffic back to your own site. The post would be stronger if you created an eye-catching graphic to use on social media, like the one we made that we branded with our logo:

Next, use a hashtag. We decided on the hashtag #NationalDonutDay after a long debate and research on Twitter and Instagram. #NationalDonutDay was more popular on Instagram, where #NationalDoughnutDay won on Twitter.

You may not get a ton of engagement on this post but it’s a nice way to break up the content on your feed with something fun.

“Donut” have enough time in your day to share this yourself?

Haley Marketing can do it for you! We shared National Donut Day graphics on behalf of our Social Pro clients, and we share their content every day so they can focus on running their businesses.

Click here for more information on Haley Marketing’s Social Pro services and “donut” make the same mistakes I saw on National Donut Day.


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