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Whether you’re an email marketing expert or a beginner, these five terms are incredibly common throughout the industry. Do yourself a favor and either brush up your knowledge or learn these words – if you want to succeed in email marketing, you’ll need these in your vocabulary!

Open / View

Some people prefer the term “open” while others stick with “view,” either way, this term means your email was received and opened by its intended recipient. Open doesn’t just mean it was successfully delivered, it means someone actually opened the email or turned on the images in their server to see it.


It may seem obvious, but a “click” is when someone literally clicks on a link in your email. Whether it’s a “read more” button or a social media icon, anywhere someone chooses to take a secondary action through your email is considered a click.


A “bad” email is one that is incorrect and cannot be mailed to. A bad email address could be:

  • misspelled;
  • no longer active;
  • from someone who left their job (and had their email address deleted by the company); or
  • is otherwise undeliverable.


A bounce means, although it was a valid email address, your message could not make it into the recipient’s inbox. This could be happening because of a number of reasons, including:

  • the recipient has their out-of-office message on;
  • the receipient’s mailbox is full; or
  • the recipient is unable to receive email from you (have you blacklisted or blocked).

Whitelist / Blacklist

If you want to get your email marketing into as many inboxes as possible, this term is very important to understand! “Whitelisting” your email means allowing emails from a specific source or sender into your inbox.

On the other hand, “blacklisting” an email means ensuring it won’t go into your inbox. Whether you are blocked from the recipient entirely or they send your emails to their SPAM folder, being “blacklisted” is the exact opposite of what you want to achieve in email marketing.


Want to learn more about the ROI machine that is email marketing? Contact the experts at Haley Marketing today. We can help you turn your email marketing vision into a reality – and start filling your inbox with candidates and clients!

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