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The Four Things You Can Learn About Content Marketing from A Football Tailgate

Content Marketing and Football Tailgate Similarities
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If you follow Haley Marketing Group, or me and my articles and videos, you know I try to put out a lot of content.

Between consistent videos on LinkedIn, guest appearances writing the Haley Marketing Idea Club newsletter article, or speaking and presenting at staffing industry conferences, I truly believe in the impact of content.

I also understand that not all content is created equal and that’s why I try to put out as much as possible.

After all, setting out thinking you have the best article is the quickest way to realize you do not.

The market decides what is great and, in my 5+ years at Haley Marketing, I’ve learned that the best articles often the ones you least expect.

For the summer blogging challenge at Haley Marketing Group, I knew I had to create three written articles throughout June, July and August. The problem is, among the other day-to-day tasks and other content I was putting out, I was feeling rather uninspired with written content.

Article 1: This Website Design Edit Generated 172 Job Applications

Article 2: The Guide Every Social Media Intern Should Read Before Launching a Campaign for the Staffing Industry

Article 3: Poll the Audience? Ask a Friend?

I decided to ask my fiance for a topic idea.

The Four Things You Can Learn About Content Marketing from A Football Tailgate

Football and marketing? Sure, I can spin this one.

Always Have a Plan

If you’re planning a tailgate party at a football game, planning is everything. There is absolutely nothing worse than showing up to the stadium the morning of the game and realizing you are missing a key component.

So, what do you do?

IWell, if you’re like me, you get a group chat going on your iPhone and figure out exactly what everybody is bringing so you know you’re destined for success.

In the same respect, content marketing without a plan is like showing up to the stadium without knowing whether or not your best friend is bringing the burgers.

When it comes to content marketing in 2018 you MUST create a plan.

How do you create that content marketing plan?

Here are a few tools to get you started:

The More People Involved…the Larger the Impact

No one likes to tailgate alone.

There’s no one to throw a football with. No one to talk to. And most importantly, you’re the lonely provider of food and drinks.

To improve that, you invite your friends and family. You build this small community of people that are all focused on one common plan.

Content marketing increases in effectiveness when common people with common interests and beliefs get involved.

Take for example the Haley Marketing Summer Blogging Challenge. To date, 147 articles were written by Team Haley from June-August. This number will surely increase by the end of August.

Why does this matter?

Everyone on Team Haley has a specialty area. A niche that they fully understand and excel at.

When we come together as a team to create blogs for the staffing industry, truly amazing results happen.

Not only are the individuals our team positioned as thought leaders and experts on key topics, but we also drive a staggering amount of new traffic to our website, resulting in an increase in leads.

[Case Study] The 90-Day Blogging Challenge (2017 Results)

Have Options

Hot dogs. Burgers. A vegan option?

All tailgates need options.

So does your content marketing.

While you might love creating blog articles and writing 500+ words, your audience might

be addicted to Facebook and love scrolling and looking at videos.

That alone is why you should create a range of content.

Think about the local news. For some, you may get your local update every day at 6 pm for 30 min. For others, you may get your update every morning by reading the newspaper with your cup of coffee. And there are those, like me, who are on Twitter all day and see their news as it’s happening.

The point?

Different people consume content in different ways…and that’s okay!

By creating a range of content in different media forms, you create resources in a way that allows your audience the opportunity to consume them how they want.

Trust the Experts

If you’ve ever tailgated in Buffalo, you know there’s one group, one man, that does it right.

Pinto Ron.

Since 1994, Ken “Pinto Ron” Johnson hasn’t missed a Buffalo Bills game…Home or Away.

Not only has he not missed a game, he also oversees the most widely known tailgate party across not only Buffalo but the NFL. Having his tailgate cooking and “ketchup and mustard” pregame ritual featured in multiple NFL and media films.

What Does this Mean for Your Staffing Agency?

When it comes to content marketing, much like a tailgate, trust the experts.

At Haley Marketing Group we have a team of over 45 marketing specialists dedicated to making great marketing more affordable.

Whether you’re looking for assistance with your blogging and content marketing, or need a full Recruitment Marketing strategy, the team at Haley Marketing can help!

Contact our team of marketing educators today to learn how we can help you stand out, stay top-of-mind, and sell more.

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