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Effective Ways To Drive Results with Social Media Ads

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There are many ways to run ads on social media.  Some are more effective than others, and depend on your company’s goals.  For the staffing and recruiting industry, experimenting with various ads campaigns will show you where you’ll get the right sort of traffic.

Getting Started With Social Media Ads

First You Need to Decide – What are your goals?

…more website traffic?

…increase in job applications?

..brand awareness and getting your company’s messaging in front of the community?

…more sales inquiries?

Second- Identity What Social Media Platforms Your Audience is on:

Facebook: Much the world is on Facebook, so, your potential clients and job candidates are definitely there.

LinkedIn: Your clients will probably be there and, depending on your industry vertical, your candidates may be there.

Instagram:  More and more people and business are finding themselves here, and since Facebook owns it, is a great place for branding.

Twitter:  Twitter is a conversation. Don’t increase a ton of traffic to your website, but Twitter is a great place to get your brad noticed, post jobs and connect with others.

Next – identify The type of ads that match your goals.


  1. Boost Regular Posts:  Folks will see your ads, click on them, and get to your Facebook page to see what you’re all about.  The jobs feature in Facebook was one of the most strategic and obvious ways for Facebook to jump into the recruiting world.  By letting you pay for ads to get in front of more people it’s a win-win for everyone!
  2. Boost jobs from the Facebook Jobs Feature:  You can target people with a variety of demographics and keywords, and geography, but also with your company’s contact list. When someone clicks “Apply”, you’ll get their contact information in your email and the company Facebook page’s messenger app.
  3. Remarketing Ads:  With the help of a marketing pro, you can set up “sticky” ads. Just like those ads of camping gear that follow you around after you shopped on Amazon. (Pro tip: set these up to go to Google, as well as Facebook, feeds to get better results)  These ads will get people back to your site. (people that revisit your site are 2x likely to apply or fill out a contact form!!!!)
  4. Build your candidate pool with Lead Capture Forms.  You can send out ads that, when someone clicks on it, you’ll get their phone number, name, and email.  If you are a staffing company that places lots of the same type of position, send out a generic ad that you’re looking for folks who want that type of job, and now you have a candidate pool!
  5. Run a regular Like Campaign to get people to like and follow your Facebook page to increase the odds that they’ll see what you post organically.
  6. There are more, but these are the best places to start. Here’s


The easiest way to run an ad on LinkedIn, it to promote a post in your timeline. You can target by geography, job description and industry. If you are regularly blogging, your site should be seeing organic traffic coming in regularly.  A great way to boost the reach of your blogs is to run promotions behind a blog post on LinkedIn or Facebook (Facebook is more cost effective, but your B2B contacts probably doing networking on LinkedIn.) You can also post jobs with a LinkedIn Recruiter bundle and pay to have your jobs seen by more folks in the industry.


  1. These ads are super easy to get moving.  This won’t necessarily bring in a lot of traffic to your site, but, by boosting posts with deals and events can get people to call you and interact with your brand.  You can target by location, hashtags and by your followers.


  1. Similarly to Instagram,  you can run ads right through the app on your phone or desktop.  Depending on your industry, budget, and/or goals, this may or may not be the place to run ads.


  1. YouTube claims the highest usage of any search engine, second only to Google.  If you have really great videos, this could be a good option.  You probably need to have a great video series to make this a good match to your business goals.

Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat’s audience is younger than the average social media user, however, that next gen of kids are going to be the workforce in just a few years!  Advertise where the people are! If there is an event happening somewhere, join in the conversation with your own geofilter, for folks to use at that event. You’ll probably want a pro to set this up for you.

So, what is going to make someone click on your ad?

  1. Blogs that give them value (tips, advice or interesting information).
  2. Other pieces of content that do the same (e-books, webinars, infographics, slideshares)
  3. Opportunities (Relevant jobs, services etc.)
  4. Convincing copy (The space on ads is limited. Choose your words well.)
  5. Engaging imagery (People like images. The human eye comprehends images much faster than text.)

Experimenting with Ads on Social Media can be fun but can get complicated pretty quickly.  Depending on your goals, time to educate yourself on how to create the ads, and your budget,  it’s generally more cost effective to have a social-media pro create and run the ads for you.  Check out this case study that explains some of the strategy, goals, and results of running ads on social media.

Want to Begin Running Social Media Ads?

Remember, if you set goals, align your budget and resources and strategy to those goals, you’ll be able to measure the ROI and tweak the strategy as needed.  If you’re looking for helping getting started, we’d love to help.

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