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Do you really want more candidates? Really… Do you?

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One of the biggest issues is getting candidates. But do you REALLY want more candidates? I suspect that what you’re after is QUALIFIED candidates. Perhaps candidates that are either looking for something new – or how about candidates that don’t yet know they really want the position you are looking to fill?

OK, so are you looking for qualified candidates. Have you really considered your options and where you will find these people? Because they ARE out there.

Here are some example driven articles and case studies from our team to help you map out a good game plan to find the people you need to work with.

Facebook Recruiting

You can absolutely find the right candidates on social media. Elaine Materise offers tips for prescreening candidates through Facebook. She shares that if you are REALLY looking for candidates that are really ready for something new, then it’s important to advertise your jobs where people are, and let me tell ya, they’re on Facebook. – Don’t work harder. Work smarter!

Find out how Facebook jobs can help your business!


Be honest. Does the candidate experience on your website suck?

Our team member, Kelly Waite Stabler, shares an informative case study where we recommended a few simple changes that resulted in increased web traffic by 35 percent for one of our clients. But that’s not all! The first day, the client received 400 resumes. Yes. You read that correctly: FOUR HUNDRED in ONE DAY. In one month, they received 8,000 (yes, thousand) resumes. Read the case study here and see what we recommended. Maybe you need to make some changes. We can help.

What about people who are browsing and thinking about a new job – do you know who they are? You should…

Does remarketing really work? You betcha! Here is a case study on our site that offers insight for three different companies. What is it? Remarketing provides a low-cost, targeted way to build your brand and stay top-of-mind with both clients and talent – everywhere they go online.

Could a remarketing campaign be right for your staffing firm?


Do you really want results? Seriously… Do you?

Our team offers advice for getting real results from using video on social media for recruiting, to emails that deliver both clients and candidates at once, to re-recruiting and just making simple website edits to deliver the results you need. Check out our site or give our team a call to find out what will work best for you. If you need candidates, odds are what you are doing currently is not working. Perhaps it’s time to change things up so you can fill all those open job orders.

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