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5 Ways to Create Amazing Experiences for Employers and Job Seekers

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Want to use service experience as part of your USP or competitive differentiation?

Make sure you walk the walk.

Here are 5 fresh ways to elevate your CX – and stand head and shoulders above competitors:

1. Gather and give feedback.

What are you doing well? Where could you improve? When it comes to service experience, what matters most to your customers and candidates? You’ll never know unless you ask. In these posts, I explore the many applications and benefits of soliciting – and providing – feedback:

Get Real (Time) About Candidate CX: Why Is Real-Time Candidate Feedback Important?

The Best Staffing Customer Service Survey Question

2. Use video.

Video is a powerful tool for connecting with employers and job seekers. And thanks to improvements in technology, it’s easier and more cost-effective than ever. Here are a few ways video can improve staffing CX:

  • Create video versions of your client and candidate FAQs.
  • Send a video thank you note to a valued client.
  • Use video to skill-market talent.

Want to learn more about how video marketing can improve the service experience you deliver – and boost your bottom line? Check out these posts:

Video Tech That’s Great for Staffing SEO, Job Applications, Branding and More

3 Smart Ways to Use Video During Social Distancing

3. Make clients and candidates feel special.

Staffing relationships are all about people. Small, personal touches go a long way toward strengthening professional relationships and creating memorable experiences with your firm. In this post, I share tips for putting the human element back into your service.

4. Build a true customer service culture.

To continually raise the bar in customer experience, make great CX a part of the very fabric of your organization. In this post, I explain six ways your staffing firm can create a thriving customer service culture:

  • Articulate your customer service mantra.
  • Lead by example.
  • Educate your team on customer service and customer experience fundamentals.
  • Empower your team to create amazing experiences.
  • Hire people who mesh with your service culture.
  • Create incentives to deliver great employer and candidate experiences.

5. Finish strong.

If an assignment is nearing completion, take the lead in communications:

  • Call or email the client to find out how the associate performed, and see if the client would like to extend the assignment – or convert the associate to an employee.
  • Call or email the associate to find out how they enjoyed the assignment, and help them find their next opportunity if their current assignment isn’t being extended.

How can we create a better CX for you?

We’re always looking for ways to serve you better. If you have suggestions for improving the service experience we deliver, please leave your comments below.

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