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SEO Strategies for 2020, Part 7: Content is King

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Today’s post is the last in our SEO series, designed to share the best strategies to improve your website traffic and rank higher in searches.

We’ve covered everything from the importance of SSL to understanding semantic searches; our final post discusses the importance of creating good content. 

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By now it should be clear that the one element of New School SEO that matters the most – and matters to almost every other aspect of your strategy – is content. Without content, you have nowhere to put keywords. You cannot show relevancy. You can’t answer practical questions and ultimately, you won’t show up in searches.

Content makes your website a sought-after destination.

Google rewards websites that regularly provide quality content that answers search queries. Make sure you create content that aligns with your goals, your value, and leverages rich media – not just text.

Pillar Content Facilitates Robust Content Creation

Pillar Content is a substantial/informative piece of content that can be broken down and supported with smaller content and other content forms. For example, a whitepaper or eBook can be used to create blog posts, infographics, SlideShares, videos and more.

Great Content (And Lots of It) Generates More Links

Google also looks at the types of websites and the number of websites that link to yours when determining where they should rank your content.

They examine:

  • Off-site links
  • Quality of links vs. quantity
  • Trust and authority of the linking website
  • Diversity of websites linking back to you

Google’s #1 tip for starting to generate backlinks? Blogging.

Each time you blog, push your content out on social media, and ask your employees and colleagues to share it, as well.

Other Link-Building Strategies:

  • Create press releases for newsworthy information like awards, new hires, promotions, etc.
  • Submit career fairs and open houses to local newspapers as events.
  • Share content on social networks.
  • Provide testimonials to your vendors.
  • Claim all social and local listings.
  • Ask local/industry organizations to list you on their sites.
  • Connect with local college and university career offices.
  • Guest blog for quality niche-relevant news sites.
  • Create pillar content.


Whatever you do, do not buy links. That strategy worked in 2006, but will get you penalized or even banned today


It’s easy to overlook your job board when you’re thinking about SEO, but if you want your jobs to get in front of more candidates, it’s got to be part of your plan.

The best way to ensure your jobs will be seen is to make sure your job board is mobile friendly and you have schema markup on your jobs.

Google for Jobs drives significant traffic for staffing and recruiting sites, and you can see they get broken down by category, title, location type, company type and employer.

The way you feed information to Google determines whether your jobs get listed, which is why schema markup is so important. If your jobs aren’t programmed the right way on the back end, you won’t get seen.

Want to make sure your jobs get found? Haley Marketing job boards are optimized for Google and for mobile, so you can literally set it and forget it. Talk to our team today to learn more about getting your jobs in front of more candidates.


That’s what you need to do to bring your SEO strategy into the modern age. But, if you want to know what the most important aspects of SEO to focus on would be, they are:

  • Pillar content strategies
  • Optimizing for featured snippets
  • Local SEO
  • SSL for your site
  • Schema markup for your jobs


Google is always making changes. To achieve and protect your rankings and generate more traffic, you must keep pace with those changes.


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