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How to Post a Facebook Job

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Ah, Facebook jobs – how they’ve made a splash into the landscape of social recruiting. With over 2 billion users on Facebook alone, utilizing this platform effectively and efficiently should be top priority when it comes to your social strategy.

Facebook jobs have made applying to jobs quick and easy. Essentially, a Facebook user’s profile now becomes their resume; the platform scrapes the information listed on their profile when applying to your job. Not only does this make it a one-two click, but the application is completely mobile-friendly, making it more accessible to the 58% of job seekers that search on mobile.

Let’s get to the basics. How do you post a job on Facebook?

On your feed, select Create > Job.

List the Job Details

Bonus: In your description, at the top – add a link back to your job board. This allows your users two options of how they’d like to apply: your job board or Facebook.


Job Title: Receptionist

Job Location: Buffalo, New York

Job Type: Full-time

Job Description:

Apply now: [LINK]

Salary: $15-$20/hour

Our goal is to create an enthusiastic, warm and dedicated work environment. To be considered for this position, you must be able to execute the following:

– Scheduling

– Sorting and sending mail

– Answering and routing phone calls

– Managing social media

– Greeting visitors

Receptionist must be located in Buffalo, NY.

Enter Salary Information

Applicants are 30% more likely to apply when a salary range is included!

Add Pre-screening Questions

Are there certain requirements or certifications needed for the job? Would you like them to leave their email address or phone number to ensure you have another way of contacting them? Do you need to know if they’re located in the area?

Enter those questions here.

This step of the Facebook job set up process is essential to ensuring the quality of the applicants you take the time to reach out to.

Add a Recruiter’s Email Address

While it’s great that all applications are housed on the backend of Facebook’s administrator portal, this step allows you to get notifications every time someone applies. Make sure to update this section with the corresponding recruiter for the job.

Add Imagery

What Should You Do Next?

Great – you did it! You posted a Facebook job, but now let’s get those applications.

Here are a few next steps to ensure the maximum reach of your job:

  • Share in related Facebook groups – location, industry, local college groups, etc.
  • Encourage your staff to follow your Facebook page and LIKE and SHARE any time a job is posted
    • Tag someone who you think could be interested in the job!
  • Check your Admin account on Facebook.
    • While it’s great that applications are sent to your email – messages, comments, like and share notifications will all happen on Facebook. Make sure you’re not missing out on any important communication!

If you’re looking for more tips on how to maximize your social presence, connect with one of our digital experts today.

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