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What should I share to help drive traffic and awareness to the website for my business?

What kind of content should I share?
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So, you have a lot of content on hand that’s ready to share. FANTASTIC! Likely you are communicating how your services meet the needs of your customers in our everchanging landscape. First, it’s a good idea to plan what you’re sharing into different content types and then into different phases of the funnel.

What you share should be determined by goals.

Here’s some content funnel suggestions:


Facebook ads, landing page, explainer videos, infographics


Social media, informational blog posts, case studies, quizzes 


Email series, reviews, questionnaires


Exclusive offers, whitepapers, e-mails, contests, surveys

Are you looking for great content to share or need help developing your content funnel? If so, stop what you’re doing (once you get to the end of this blog post) and reach out to the Haley Marketing Team. We will work with you to develop a plan to match your goals, track and deliver results.

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