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Does Your Brand Still Need a COVID-19 Strategy for Social Media?

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The following transcript was taken from InSights, a staffing and recruiting podcast from Haley Marketing dedicated to providing quick-hitting takeaways on Digital Marketing and Recruitment Marketing. To listen to the episode, click play on the player above or visit the episode page [InSights] New Takes from the Top Shows of 2020


Brad Bialy: Matt, another great topic that we talked about quite a bit in 2020 was How to Manage Your Brand Accounts on Social Media During the COVID-19 Pandemic. And I think for sake of this episode, and for sake of this segment, we talk about whether or not brands should still be managing their accounts in sharing information about COVID-19 and the pandemic. And truthfully, Matt, I’ll take this one first. I think you need to, I think you still need to talk about your hours, your business practices. You need to talk through on social media, whether or not you’re hiring in-person or over Zoom.

Brad Bialy: You need to let the candidate and the applicant know exactly what your processes are and what your hiring process looks like. And just because we’ve been doing this now since April, right? And people have an understanding of, “Okay, well, things are probably virtual. I’m probably going to have an interview over the phone or over Zoom.” We still need to consistently reiterate that to make sure that we’re alleviating any stress in that hiring process. So for me, when we look at managing social in 2021, there is still an element of being aware that COVID-19 is still around us and being aware that people are still looking for information into whether or not they can do business with you face to face, or if it’s all virtual.

Matt Lozar: We learned early in the pandemic by about May, people didn’t want to speak inundated with that COVID-19 pandemic information all the time. And Brad’s take is, I agree with here, is that I almost feel like it needs to be table stakes in that you go to any company’s website, business, retail staffing, pick your website. It needs to be easily found. It needs to be easily understood. Like when I’ve been shopping for [inaudible 00:14:47] here, it’s been great. I go to a website, I find their COVID information. Curbside pickup, Matt orders. Matt shows up, makes a phone call. I have something in my car easily. Different parts of the country meet different, right?

Matt Lozar: Everybody’s got a different comfort level, but make it simple to find that information, to put people at ease to one, know your doors are open. If you’re hopefully lucky enough to still be open in some parts of the country, that’s not happening. But then if you are open, what are the safety precautions? What’s the capacity? What’s all of this information to make sure people understand how they can still do business with you? And in the staffing world, what’s the interview like? What’s the filling out the resume information onboarding? Et cetera. Think about that and make it easy for a job applicant who’s never heard of your company, on January 1st, when job applications are going to increase to know how they can apply to work with you.

Brad Bialy: You’re exactly right. We hit a threshold where no one wanted to hear about it anymore. It was one of those situations where it’s like, “We get it. We need to stay inside. We need to be safe. Wash your hands. Don’t go near anyone. We get it.” And consistently seeing it on social media just got so heavy and so overwhelming that people started to tune out. You’re exactly right. That needs to be table stakes on a company’s website. And you need to be able to identify as the applicant, again, going back to segment two, how can you captivate that candidates’ attention, making sure that they know what the process is like for them? On social media, it’s sprinkling that content then. It’s not every day saying, “Hey, we’re doing zoom interviews. We’re doing zoom interviews or we’re hiring virtually, or you can apply online. You don’t need to come into the office.”

Brad Bialy: But once a week, bump that in people’s feeds. Once a week, share a new update or share a consistent update. Maybe it’s a message from your team, a message from your CEO, maybe it’s that one of your recruiters is doing virtual hiring events or they’re on LinkedIn live or they’re on Facebook live answering questions, share that and let people know what’s going on, keep them updated so that when they are looking for their next job, they know not only to come to you, but they know how to do that. They know what to do. And what process is best for you and them and everyone’s safety.

Matt Lozar: It removes friction. That’s kind of the takeaway I have here. And if you want to wrap up this segment, that’s where I think it’s simple, make it easy for people to understand how to work with you and do business with you. And that’s what I think people want to see with social media strategy with the pandemic as we flip the calendar.

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