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How can you get your blog in front of more prospects?

Getting More Prospects to See Your Content
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The following transcript was taken from InSights, a staffing and recruiting podcast from Haley Marketing dedicated to providing quick-hitting takeaways on Digital Marketing and Recruitment Marketing. To listen to the episode, click play on the player above or visit the episode page [InSights] Does the age of your job posting affect performance on job boards?


Brad Bialy: Distributing your content. How can you get your blog in front of more prospects? On InSights, we’ve talked multiple times about the value of content marketing. We’ve talked in past episodes about the value of creating great blog articles. But the truth is, just like a great book, if you don’t get it in front of the right people and no one reads it, why does it matter? You know, Matt, it’s like having a great painting and putting it in a closet. If you hide the Mona Lisa, no one can look at it.

Brad Bialy: What’s the importance of painting that great painting, right? Not saying my blog content is coming out like the Mona Lisa, but hey, maybe some are, right? I look at the page views. I look at the numbers. But Matt, if we have to create content and we want to get it in front of more prospects, in front of more clients, in front of more decision-makers, what do we do? And for sake of this conversation, Matt, just to add a little bit more clarity, let’s assume the article is already published.

Brad Bialy: We’ve already clicked publish on the article. It’s on our website. Now, what do we do?

Matt Lozar: I now have to call you Brad da Vinci Bialy apparently.

Brad Bialy: I’m all right with that.

Matt Lozar: That’s good. It’s actually a conversation I had with a prospect last week was they recruit in a very specific niche, in a very specific industry. We talked about this, what’s the content you want to produce? We’re making that assumption here. We have a great piece of content. Where’s does the audience spend time? Where are they consuming content? It’s going to be different places for different people, which makes it a challenge.

Matt Lozar: It could be what percentage of your audience consumes content on social media and then which type of social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, et cetera? Which percentage of your audience consumes content through email or through maybe just a different… How much have you paid behind that content to reach that wider audience? It’s really digging into that almost persona mindset of who you want to consume that content and figure out where they’re spending their time, both during the workday and off the workday.

Brad Bialy: It’s casting a wide net. And Matt, I’ve said this analogy on InSights before, but it’s just like the evening news. Some people might wake up, rollover, and check Twitter to get their news. Some might listen to the radio on their morning commute to get the news. Some might watch the 6:00 AM news on their TV. Some might read the newspaper. All of that is sharing the same message. They’re all still getting the news. It’s just in a different medium. Content and content distribution are the exact same. You’ve published that let’s say blog post.

Brad Bialy: Now we need to get it out through different channels. Because as Matt’s saying, you don’t necessarily know where your audience is hanging out and where they’re going to be waiting to receive that content. Some might be on Facebook. Some might be on LinkedIn. Some might be on Twitter. So you absolutely want to share that post over there. To Matt’s point, maybe you want to put some paid advertising behind that and boost it and promote it so that more people see it. Maybe you want to wrap it in an email newsletter.

Brad Bialy: Matt, we’ve talked on InSights I think it was two or three episodes ago about the value of email marketing. We still have that negative thought in the industry that email marketing is dead. And we at Haley Marketing continue to see the exact opposite. Taking a very direct message to a very specific audience continues to have an impact. Yes, email marketing is dead if you’re mailing to a list that doesn’t want to receive your message.

Brad Bialy: If you have a good list, as most staffing firms do, email marketing is not dead. So it’s taking it that way. Matt, what else can we do?

Matt Lozar: I think building off this social media distribution tactic, the creative needs to be really good. You need really strong imagery because we say “thumb stopping” content. When somebody’s scrolling on Facebook or LinkedIn, the updates can be overwhelming, especially when it’s the Facebook algorithm that determines which content to show you. If you have a boring stock image or if you have a really strong employee-generated image or something that stands out like the perfect example was our…

Matt Lozar: I know we’re talking about sales here, but from a recruitment side, when we launched a Facebook recruitment program at the end of 2015, beginning 2016, the images are, “Do you hate your job?” And it’s somebody that’s crying or just some crazy image, like a crying clown, or just something that jumps out that’s totally different than a professional stock image. That type of creative grabs the attention, and then the hook has to be a really quick copy to get someone to convert with a strong call to action.

Matt Lozar: When you’re creating that content, especially in the digital social, YouTube, probably not so much email, what stands out to get them to consume that content.

Brad Bialy: Matt, to wrap it up, if you want to get your blogs to more prospects, more clients, it’s casting a wider net once you click publish. Yes, you can do everything right. You can optimize that post for search. You can make sure the content looks great. You can make sure that you have the best article in the world, the best answer to a question in the world. But if you’re not actively pushing that to your audience, well, then you’re doing yourself an incredible disservice.

Brad Bialy: You want to make sure that you’re surrounding it with social media posts, with the thumb-stopping imagery that Matt alluded to. You want to make sure that you’re distributing it through an email newsletter to a very targeted list. You want to make sure that you’re putting some paid promotion behind it, that you’re getting it out to maybe just your client list. Maybe you’re just sending it and putting it as an email signature, or you’re sending it out directly one-to-one in an email. Not so much an email newsletter, but just an email.

Brad Bialy: You need to take those next steps, and you need to distribute that and make sure that your content is getting the momentum that it deserves.

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