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9 Types of Email Marketing for Recruiting

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Finding candidates who want to get to work is hard right now. You’re fighting for top talent, to fill placements, to offer what today’s top employees are looking for. How can you use the tools that already exist in your marketing belt to help?

Below are nine emails you can send that can help with your recruitment marketing TODAY:

  • Hot Jobs
    Want people to apply to your openings? Tell them about them! Send out an email with specific information on your great openings, and don’t forget to answer “WIIFM?” (What’s In It For Me) Feature location, salary, hours, perks and anything your jobs can offer those top candidates could be interested in.


  • Referrals
    Great workers generally know other great workers. Tap into your candidate database to see who they know that may be looking for work. Assure your employees that this can be confidential for their referral, and that their efforts will be rewarded!
    Pro tip: Offer a strong bonus if you want to lure someone away from a job or a competitor. In 2021, a $25 gift card may not be enough to entice a referral.


  • Re-engagement
    Many recruiters post a job and use the applications that roll in. But you most likely already have a database full of employees who applied to past positions but didn’t make the final cut, or did but their placement has since ended. Sending an email to simply say “Hi (Candidate Name), I haven’t heard from you in a while, how is your career going and is there anything I can do to help you?” is a great icebreaker, and can be the step that takes them from a past candidate to a current placement.


  • Reactivation
    Once an employee’s placement comes to an end, are you reaching out to see what their plans or next steps are? You should be! Send a quick note to remind them of some great openings you have, and to encourage them to come back to you for help finding their next position, so they don’t have to spend any time unemployed between jobs.


  • Interview Follow Up
    One of the biggest complaints most staffing/recruiting businesses face is the dreaded “No one ever got back to me” comment. Instead of leaving potential employees in the dark, or avoiding those who didn’t make the cut, simply send one email a week to everyone who interviewed at your business that week. Thank them for their time, assure them that if they will be moving on in the interview process they will be contacted, and send them a link to your job board so they can browse other openings in case the job they applied to isn’t quite the right fit. This can instill goodwill and ensure you are being thoughtful and helpful to all candidates, not just the A-list.


  • Testimonials
    “Show, don’t tell” can be a powerful principal in recruiting. Sometimes it’s more effective to share a testimonial from someone you helped place than it is to simply say “We can place people.” Gathering testimonials from online reviews or happily placed candidates is a great place to start (and can benefit your social media pages if you share the testimonials there, too!).


  • Videos
    Sending a quick video of yourself to a potential candidate can be extremely helpful. Not only do you start building a relationship and rapport off the bat, you make yourself more relatable and less intimidating – and increase the chances of your job seeker showing up to their interview.


  • Case Studies
    Similar to a testimonial, a case study can PROVE how your services help other job seekers. Take it a step further from just sharing their testimonial to share their whole story- who they are, what the job search process was like for them, how your company helped and the ways their life has improved since finding a job with your help. Tap into that “feel good” side of storytelling all humans share, and you can be surprised at the positive outcome.


  • Thank You
    At the end of the day, the purpose of the staffing and recruiting industry is to help good people find good jobs. Without candidates, that doesn’t work. Send a “thank you” email to your candidate database at any point of the job search process. “Thank you for interviewing” or “Thank you for sending a referral” – even “Thank you for considering us” – this type of good will building between a recruiter and a potential placement is what will make them want to work with you now and in the future.


Want to learn more about how email can help in a tight candidate market? Contact the experts at Haley Marketing today!



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