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Recruiting Strategies (5 of 5): 30 recruiting ideas to help you

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We did the brainstorming so you didn’t have to! Check out all of our ideas that we have came up with to strategize how to be a better recruiter.

30 Recruiting Ideas Brainstormed by The Haley Marketing Team

  1. Partner with local daycare centers to see if you can get special rates for your workers (maybe a 1-to-3-month introductory rate)
  2. Provide transportation services (promote a guaranteed ride to work)
  3. Align messaging in job ads, social media, and any grassroots job advertising to the issues most important to candidates right now (higher pay, opportunities with the area’s best employers, safety, greater chances at going full-time, healthcare).
  4. Promote that the best jobs of 2021 are available right now – get them before they get filled
  5. Co-promote your clients in your ads (their brands may attract people your ads do not attract on their own)
  6. Review how your website works on mobile. Make it easy to search and apply quickly.
  7. Add the Haley Marketing Talent Showcase to your website to skill market candidates coming of assignments and keep people working.
  8. Proactively call every supervisor to ask about assignment extensions and confirm assignment end dates.
  9. Offer bonuses such as sign-on, longevity, assignment completion, and referral.
  10. Leverage Haley Marketing tools such as: Category mailings in the job board, Job alert feature of the job board, HaleyMail candidate content (candidate resource center, monthly “Hired” enewsletter, hot jobs and seasonal eCards) to keep top-of-mind, bring people back to the website, strengthen candidate relationships, and ask for referrals
  11. Change how pay rates are presented – rather than $15 an hour, promote $30,000 annually
  12. Automate follow-up after someone applies (text, email) – use a tool like SENSE, Herefish, or any marketing automation platform to keep lines of communication open and get people to show up at the interview
  13. Provide an incentive to show up for the interview and day one on the job. For example: $5 Starbucks gift card after your interview, $50 bonus with first paycheck (or maybe a non-cash bonus like a gift card to Amazon)
  14. Update and repost jobs regularly in your ATS. This refreshes the post, so it jumps back up to the top of the job boards.
  15. Use PPC for talent re-engagement (on Google, Facebook and possibly Instagram)
  16. Create a pre-interview packet/communication stream (video-based) to get people excited about working for your company.
  17. Write more long-form blog posts (2,000+ words) on your website to boost SEO.
  18. Create videos to promote specific jobs and adding them to the job posts.
  19. Be transparent about safety and all you are doing to protect your workers.
  20. Find ways to target active and passive job seekers who would not have childcare issues, such as high-school-age applicants, older candidates, or recent retirees.
  21. Geofence advertising around companies that employee people you want (have ads like “Have a bad day? We have better jobs!) – note as an employer, you may be limited in this type of geographic targeting with some social media.
  22. Engage on TikTok or Twitch to make the company appear more relevant to younger workers
  23. On social media promote the “I got my job at (your company)” – show how many people you are putting to work.
  24. Write blog posts to tell the stories of people you are putting to work and how you are positively changing their lives.
  25. On job postings, outline potential career path if hired.
  26. Record short videos of their workers on assignment – wearing their PPE and talking about the benefits of working right now (it’s safe, I feel good about working instead of sitting at home, I have no gap on my resume, I’m proving my value as a reliable, committed worker).
  27. Review the imagery on your website – update it to match what is going on in the market right now.
  28. Create a FAQ on your website that proactively addresses the questions, concerns and objections people have about working in this economy/during the pandemic. Link that page to Apply Now and Search jobs.
  29. Create job posts and employment branding to appeal to each type of temp employee: Career temps, Temps who are looking to get a foot in the door at companies, Entry-level workers just entering the labor market and having a hard time getting their first jobs.
  30. Review job descriptions to answer these questions:
  • Do you have a clear title (that will also stand out on Indeed)?
  • Does the post open with the WIIFM (what’s in it for me?) for the candidate?
  • Are the pay and benefits clearly outlined?
  • Do you sell your company in the post?
  • Do you have a well-written recruiter bio including a recent photo?

Recruiting is tough right now – the toughest time in recent memory but sitting helplessly on the sidelines doesn’t make it any easier. Take control of your recruitment marketing and you’ll be a step ahead of the competition to get the first shot at the best talent and maybe coax some reluctant candidates back into the workforce!

Need more big ideas to keep your recruiting funnel full?

  1. Watch: SPECIAL EDITION: Recruiting Strategies 2021.This webinar shares modern strategies to attract talent, reduce no-shows and improve fill rates. [https://lunchwithhaley.com/2021/03/22/recruiting-strategies-2021/]
  2. Download: Smart Recruiting Checklist.Get more than 190 ideas to improve your recruiting.
  3. Contact:The social recruiting experts at Haley Marketing! Call 888.696.2900 or visit our recruitment marketing team at recruitmentmarketers.com.

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