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One Hit Wonders: 10 Quick and Easy Marketing Automations to Stay Top-of-Mind 

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If you don’t have a dedicated team member operating your automation platform—or even if you do—building and launching workflows can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes it’s the small things that make life meaningful. 

One-touchpoint campaigns can do wonders to build engagement without taking time away from your other responsibilities.

Candidates and hiring managers like to know you’re thinking of them! Start small, get results, and keep building workflows—and your business. 

Are you ready to show candidates you care, remind clients you exist, and keep your data clean?

Here are ten quick and easy marketing automation ideas for your staffing firm: 

  1. We Don’t Want To Lose You! Please update your contact info. This is actually a two-fer. Create text and email workflows asking candidates to confirm both their cell phone number and their email address so you can stay in touch with them easily.  
  2. Happy Birthday! Send a text message or virtual birthday card to let candidates know you’re thinking of them on their special day. Good wishes go a long way to creating goodwill! 
  3. Happy Anniversary! Mark the anniversaries of candidates who have been with the firm for a year or more by creating a workflow wishing them a happy work-iversary. They’ll appreciate being acknowledged and celebrated for their hard work. 
  4. You’re A Silver Medalist! It’s easy to focus on the candidate who got the job. But what about the runners-up? Create an automation letting them know they were close to a job offer and encourage them to apply to another role. 
  5. Happy Relaxation Day! Did you know August 15th is considered Relaxation Day? And August 5th is Work Like A Dog Day? Choose a holiday or two that fit your firm’s brand and let candidates know you’re thinking of them. 
  6. Find Your W2 Here. Start the year off right by letting candidates know you’re on the ball with their tax forms. Give them a link to the online portal or let them know their W2s are on the way. 
  7. Looking For Your Paycheck? Create a workflow introducing new employees to your pay portal. They will appreciate the timely information! 
  8. Welcome To Our Talent Community! A warm welcome from the CEO will make new hires feel valued. 
  9. Know A Good Friend Looking For Work? Referral requests are often built into a multi-touchpoint re-engagement campaign, but they also work well alone. Consider triggering a referral request when you receive a high rating or great review to get the most value from your effort. 
  10. Coffee? Tea? Vitamin Water? Automations aren’t just for candidate engagement. You can also create workflows to check in with inactive or dormant clients. If you haven’t gotten a job placement in a while, create an automation to check-in with them—and maybe book some one-on-one time to enjoy a beverage and talk about how your staffing firm can help their business. 

Need more ideas on how to use automation to keep your staffing firm top-of-mind with candidates and clients? We’re happy to help! Contact our staffing automation experts today.  

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