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A Silent Night is NOT a Marketing Strategy

That frantic time between turkey dinners and New Year’s horns goes by in one quick flash every year. One second you’re looking up pumpkin pie recipes, and the next you’re cleaning glitter and confetti out of every inch of your holiday best. With so much happening in such a small span of time, making the… Read more »

Staffing Webinar: Surviving the BOOM! Six Strategies for Staffing Success in 2015

The staffing industry is booming. We’ve even surpassed the peak of 2007. But now you have too many open jobs.  Too few qualified candidates. And no time to get everything done!So how do you keep your sanity…and keep filling jobs in 2015?In this one-hour webinar, David Searns, CEO of Haley Marketing, will walk you through… Read more »

Publishing a Blog Post Isn’t Enough

(You’re missing valuable opportunities!)Blog content is meant to be used as a resource – not something you write, post, and then forget about. Blogging is an ongoing strategy that helps to build value on your website over time, by adding new pages, adding original content, increasing SEO value and creating valuable information for your audiences.Once… Read more »

Spinnin’ Our Greatest Hits: Top 5 Shareworthy Service Posts

Want a New Year’s resolution that’s great for your staffing firm’s bottom line?Resolve to read my shareworthy service posts each month! In them, I share research, insights and best practices for creating a great customer experience – for clients, candidates and even your internal employees.Need a little help catching up? Here are my “Greatest Hits”… Read more »

Saunders Staffing Launches New Website

Saunders Staffing, a leading staffing and HR provider in the states in and around the Blue Ridge Mountains, has launched a brand new website at in Bluefield, WV, Saunders Staffing serves a wide geographic area constituting West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. The company provides opportunities for job seekers in that… Read more »

Stock Photo Design Trends for 2015

When you hear “stock photos”, what comes to mind? Traditionally, people tend to think of cheesy smiles plastered on product packages, cookie-cutter business people in suits shaking hands on websites, or libraries of one-size-fits-all cartoon clip art (you know, to really make your PowerPoint “pop”). Despite this perception, the low cost and quick turnaround of… Read more »

Intuitive Design For Pierce Professional Resources’ New Site

When Pierce Professional Resources was looking to make their website more interactive, one of Haley Marketing’s new starter sites was the perfect solution.With a clean, modern and intuitive design, Pierce selected Starter Site #10 from the Haley marketing gallery. This design features plenty of white space, flexible homepage layout and strong calls-to-action. Integrating their Maxhire… Read more »

Haley Marketing Reinvents Pascoe Workforce Solutions Site

Pascoe Workforce Solutions has completely reinvented their company with a contemporary new logo and modern, easy-to-use website launched at Western Massachusetts, including Springfield, to Hartford, CT, Pascoe Workforce Solutions specializes in providing exceptional candidates in information technology, accounting, legal, administrative and other professional careers with access to career-building positions with top notch area employers…. Read more »

Testing 1, 2, 3 – Email marketing testing

I’m often asked the same questions over and over from my clients:“When is the best day to send?”“When is the best time to send?”“What type of subject line should I use?”“How frequently should I mail?”And the answer is always, “it depends.”  It depends because no one’s email list is exactly the same.  As a business… Read more »

EA Source Executes a New Website With an Assist From Haley Marketing

EA Source leads the way in executive assistant recruitment in Chicago. They provide a remarkable hiring experience that attracts the best administrative talent in the Chicagoland area. Their remarkable candidate experience leads to higher-quality referrals. Experienced, dedicated recruiters ask the right questions, see more candidates, and create better matches. The results? Lower turnover rate, higher… Read more »