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Google’s Shift to Mobile-Friendly Search Results

With the world making a fast-paced shift towards all things mobility, having a website that works well on mobile devices is now more important than ever. Back in June of 2013, Google announced that in the near future, websites that were mobile-friendly would be rewarded in the search results. But since that time, there was… Read more »

Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

OK, it is a cliché, but that doesn’t mean it has no reality behind it. It rings true like the famous Einstein quote “Insanity is doing the same things over and over again, and expecting different results.” So while this may seem like a far cry from my standard preaching of marketing consistency, the two… Read more »

Hiring managers are worried about the talent shortage. How to deal with it

The talent shortage in the staffing industry has been looming for some time now. The recession of 2008, some seven years ago now, created a market in which staffing companies were spoiled for choice. Fast-forward to the present and staffing companies are struggling to fill open positions with qualified candidates. In fact, nearly half of… Read more »

What to do When You Can’t Access Your Company’s Social Media Pages

We understand how frustrating it can be when you realize you don’t have access to your company’s social media pages. If these pages exist – you never want to create a duplicate page – you need to gain access to them. While there are no shortcuts to gaining access to these pages, we’re always happy… Read more »

Upcoming Staffing Webinars: Low Cost Marketing and Email Marketing

Beyond Cold Calls. No cost. Low cost. And smarter marketing ideas for 2015.Are you ready to get beyond the battle to “make more calls?”Do you want to spend more time talking to higher level staffing decision makers?Do you want more clients and candidates coming to you?It’s possible, and it can be done without breaking the… Read more »

2015 web design trends for your new staffing website

The internet is pretty cool. Design for the web has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, allowing designers to do very innovative things when designing and building you’re company’s site with the goal of getting quality candidates and showing clients that you mean business. 2015 will certainly push the boundaries even further. HTML5… Read more »

“No Soup for You!”

Flexibility is one of the key reasons your clients use staffing services.But when it comes to actually delivering this key benefit, are your front-line employees truly accommodating – or are they “service Nazis?”Flexible customer service processes are essential to delivering truly shareworthy results. Make sure that your service isn’t so rigid that it winds up… Read more »

You Gotta Lose to Win

Admit it: It feels good to win an argument.But when you get your way or prove a client wrong, are you really “winning” in the larger sense of the word?In my opinion, no. When a customer finishes a service interaction feeling as though he’s “lost,” it has a number of potentially negative consequences for your… Read more »