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Putting Your Staffing Firm on “The Map”

“How can I get my staffing firm listed on that map?”In consulting with hundreds of staffing and recruiting firms on their online marketing efforts, it’s probably the most frequent question I get.  “That map” refers to the local map that Google displays when doing a local search.  For example, if I do a search for… Read more »

Creating Excitement Around Your Upcoming Job Fair or Conference

You’re most likely paying good money to not only attend your next event, but to plan, setup and be part of it as well. What if the buzz started ahead of time and then continued well afterwards? What if you could somehow build a community around your event, starting a discussion beforehand that resulted in… Read more »

Getting the Brush-Off?

C’mon, admit it – you’ve blown off a customer service survey request before. (I know I have.)Everywhere you look – your Inbox, your sales receipts, even the websites you visit – you’re inundated with requests to “share your feedback” or tell a company how they did. Sure, you’d like to respond, but if you took… Read more »

Social recruiting is on the rise

Every year, CareerBuilder conducts a representative survey of US-based hiring and human resource managers to get a feeling for social media’s uses in recruitment and hiring. This year, CareerBuilder surveyed over 2,000 full-time HR and hiring managers, from February to March, to gather some interesting results about how they research job candidates, which industries use… Read more »

Upcoming Staffing Webinars: Reputation Management and Talent Showcase Product Demo

The staffing industry has been battling an image problem for years. The problem is that for every job opening, staffing firms receive an average of 200 applications. And once that single opening gets filled, it leaves 199 unhappy people. And those are the ones who complain about you on Facebook, Yelp and other social review… Read more »

It’s Back! The Affordable CREATIVE ACT

Looking for affordable marketing ideas for your staffing or recruitment agency? Get a new website & blog and take your content marketing to the next level. New clients and candidates are only one search away, so make sure you get found!

Think Twice Before Hitting the Post Button

During the past few years, Twitter has developed into a well-known source of information. Whether it’s for news stories, job listings or sharing content, Twitter provides real-time information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And that real-time information comprised of 140 characters can spread internationally in the matter of minutes (or even seconds).It… Read more »

The Power of Responding to Reviews

72% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more. -Search Engine Land88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations (vs. 79% in 2013). -Search Engine LandReviews are powerful. Why leave the public opinion of your company and brand solely up to your consumers?It’s time to… Read more »