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Live Tracking Twitter Hashtags – A Lunch With Haley Recap

When it comes to social media, there are countless tools to help you understand the impact your posts are making. During our Lunch with Haley on July 24 we set up a Hashtag tracker through Tagboard to provide our team with a visual representation of all tweets being sent using #LunchWithHaley.If you missed today’s webinar,… Read more »

Introducing Verity Retail Solutions

Since 2003, Verity Professionals has been placing information technology specialists with companies in the Atlanta area and in major cities throughout the United States. In 2013, Verity Professionals evolved into Verity Retail Solutions (VRS) to focus primarily on the retail sector. While Verity Professionals will remain a separate entity, VRS specializes in focusing on the… Read more »

Stop Working and Get on Facebook!

Words you might not expect to hear at the office, but surprisingly good advice. That’s not to say that you should kick your shoes off and spend eight hours “liking” pictures of cats in funny outfits (though if that’s a job somewhere, sign me up), but utilizing your workforce as social media ambassadors can have… Read more »

Pacific Staffing Shows the Power of Experience

Since 1987, Pacific Staffing has taken a different approach to working with clients and candidates. They take the time to listen and focus on the details. They are able to gain a full understanding of a client’s business and work with candidates to go beyond work experience and help identify career goals, work preferences and… Read more »

I don’t like it but I don’t know why

Those four words combine to create a phrase that no designer, developer, or creative never wants to hear. It isn’t because it will hurt their feelings. It’s not because they can’t deal with rejection. Nor is it because they grow attached to the work they create and take criticism personally. No, it’s because that little four-word phrase does not… Read more »

Infographic: Customer Service Stories Spread Like Wildfire (especially bad ones!)

Your customers are becoming more vocal. More impatient. And more powerful than ever. Whether their experiences are positive or negative, customers are sharing their experiences via social media and review websites – and greatly impacting your staffing firm’s success.In other words, customer service stories spread like wildfire. And they have a HUGE impact on your… Read more »

What Are You Looking At?

Ever wish you could ask visitors to your website that question? Now you don’t have to. Through the miracle of science, you can predict where on your website their eyeballs naturally go and put your most important message there. People read websites differently than they do other media. No one settles down in front of… Read more »

Get a New Staffing Website for 30% Less

At Haley Marketing, our mission is to make great marketing more affordable. Over the past 18 months, we’ve totally reinvented how staffing websites are developed.We’ve released 14 brand new fully responsive starter staffing website designs. Our starter sites are 30% less than a custom website, and thanks to our new build process our new sites can be… Read more »

Haley Marketing Develops New Site for Resource Executive Search

For more than three decades, Resource Executive Search has been creating partnerships with consumer packaged goods professionals and dynamic organizations nationwide. A small, boutique firm, they were looking for a website that attracted high-level professionals in their specific niche market. Working with Haley Marketing Group, the new Resource site incorporates professional-based images, a blog and… Read more »