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Website Traffic Bounced Back, but Not All the Way Back to Start 2016

In the second half of 2015, especially in the final months of the calendar year, we saw website traffic decrease to staffing and recruiting websites. Naturally, we usually see a drop at end the year but that trend was compounded by a lack of qualified job candidates looking for new jobs. Rebounding from the drop is… Read more »

Infographic: The Check-in: These QC Stats Matter for Your Staffing Firm (part 1 of 2)

What do the best staffing firms do right? They take great care of their candidates – even after they’re placed on assignment. Once again, our friends at Inavero published a comprehensive research summary. In Optimizing the Staffing Agency Quality Control Process they detail exactly what top-tier agencies do to ensure excellent service and successfully manage… Read more »

The Psychology of Social Media: How Your Staffing Firm Can Use Dopamine To Its Advantage

  You don’t have to be a neuroscientist to understand how the human brain reacts to stimuli. Experiencing good things make us happy and we want to seek them out again and again; the opposite is true for bad things. Below are ways to use ‘likes’ to your staffing firm’s advantage by making potential clients… Read more »

Don’t Use No Double Negatives in your Copy

Usually. But you can break plenty of other grammar rules. Can I start my sentence with “And”? Sure you can. You can also use sentence fragments and end sentences with prepositions. Sometimes in marketing, it’s not about constructing a sentence in perfect English – just constructing the perfect sentence. It’s about impact. But you have… Read more »

Can Just a “Perceived” Economic Shift Impact Staffing?

It’s no surprise to you if working in the staffing industry, that even a perceived shift in the economy can have a significant impact on your staffing business. These shifts can impact not only your day-to-day operations, but also sometimes how candidates and clients see your role with them as a recruiter or staffing company…. Read more »

Watch your Tone! Does Your Copy Reflect Your Brand?

  When you start a website project, one of your first priorities is deciding how the site can best reflect your business identity – what impression do you want people to get when they visit your site? Design is a big factor in both appearance and functionality, but you must also consider the tone or… Read more »

Simple Tricks to Use Social Media Effectively

When you’re new to social media, it can be scary. Or maybe you’re not so new, but you feel like it’s something you don’t know too much about, and you’re definitely not comfortable using it for business – either personally or to represent your company. The truth is, social media isn’t scary. It’s a great… Read more »

Job Board and HaleyMail Updates: Haley Marketing Release Notes v3.7.6

Using HaleyMail or our job board? Good news: They both just got better! We’ve made some important updates to resolve minor issues and deliver a more seamless experience for you. Here’s a quick overview of the changes we made with v3.7.6, released January 9th, 2016: Haley Marketing Release Notes for v3.7.6: Job Board Updates: Twitter:… Read more »