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Un-Shattering: 3 Tips to Repair a Fragmented Customer Experience

Staffing technology is amazing. Applicant Tracking Systems, cloud-based time-tracking tools, social media and fully responsive websites help you stay connected to your clients, candidates and prospects.But. (There’s always a “but,” isn’t there?)The same technology that’s designed to bring you closer to your customers can actually fragment their experience. Unfortunately, if your approach to managing interactions… Read more »

I’m Not That Crazy Staffing Marketing Guy, Am I?

I recently read an article in the PR and marketing blog Spin Sucks on how to avoid marketing like a psychopath. I read it and laughed. That’s so funny, isn’t it? Marketing like a psychopath. And the the picture of Jack Nicholson busting through the bathroom door from The Shining — perfect!Then, as I read… Read more »

The Most Effective SEO Tactics for Staffing Firms

A recent survey of 286 marketing, sales and business professionals (conducted by Ascend2) highlights the most effective, and most difficult, SEO tactics for businesses. Key Takeaways for Staffing Firms:Relevant Content is KeyThe survey respondents noted that “Relevant Content Creation” is the single most effective SEO strategy today. This isn’t surprising. For the last several years, Google… Read more »

What Can We Learn from Those Goals?

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about setting goals. If you haven’t set them yet, then let’s do it now. When you have goals for your staffing company, then we can take the next step here at the Haley Marketing Group by taking those goals to your website. Google Analytics allows us to set goals,… Read more »

What is High-Quality Content?

We tell our clients and audiences all the time, “get out there and share your high-quality original content!” But the response comes back sometimes in the form of a question.“What is high-quality content?”Fair question!Content is anything of value that your company produces to keep its audience engaged. Some examples include:the list goes on and on!So… Read more »

What Makes a Great eBook?

One day, I wondered about the design and layout of our eBooks. I wondered if there were things we could change here at Haley Marketing Group to make them better for our customers. So for the past couple of months, I have been downloading eBooks. I downloaded any eBook offering that passed my computer. I… Read more »

Why Would I Give Free Advice Away?

“Honest and transparent content is the greatest sales and trust-building tool in the world. Period.” – Marcus SheridanHave you ever shied away from a blog topic? Thought, “why would I want to give this information away for free?” or “This is what we do, why would we share tips on how someone can do it… Read more »

There are so many things a staffing firm could do for marketing. Where is the best place to invest?

Great question. Unfortunately, there is no “one right answer.” It depends on your goals…and your business challenges. If you are looking to increase sales, the best investment is in marketing that will do two things: 1. Make your salespeople more productive 2. Attract employers to your firm When it comes to making salespeople more productive,… Read more »