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Why do we Live-Tweet our Lunch With Haley Webinars?

Why does the Haley team live-tweet our free Lunch With Haley webinars each month?That is a great question. There are many reasons, and we want to share with you why we choose to tweet along with the webinars we present.It personalizes the experience.As members of our team, or our guest speakers present a live webinar,… Read more »

Staffing World 2014 Recap Webinar

We sent a whole team to Staffing World…so you didn’t have to!Team Haley attended as many sessions as we could at Staffing World 2014, and in this Lunch with Haley webinar we’ll share what we learned at this year’s conference.When: Thursday, October 30th, 2014Time: 2 PM EDTDuration: 60 MinutesCost: FREE!Reserve Your Seat » And join us… Read more »

Before You Hit “Publish”: 6 essential copy editing tips

Life would be so much simpler your keyboard had an “edit” key.You wouldn’t have to worry about little things like typos, grammatical errors, run-on sentences or improper punctuation. And on a larger scale, your published content would be more clear, concise and compelling.That would be great, right?Sadly, programming geniuses have yet to develop a reliable… Read more »

(Consistent!) Content is King

Picture this. You go on a date. They’re fabulous. They tell you everything you want to hear, and do everything you want them to do – before you even have to ask them. Everything is going perfectly. And then the next day…no call. Next month, the same. Three months later, they send an email to… Read more »

How to make sure your email works everywhere

Email is one of the most important and effective tools in your marketing arsenal. When it comes to getting important information to clients and candidates, there is arguably no better method of getting everything directly to them where they want and need it. Not that long ago, “where” was at a desktop computer or laptop… Read more »

REALLY?!? The surprising reasons your customer service could be failing (and what to do about it)

You just lost a client – but you’re not sure why. You filled their order with a qualified candidate, within their time frame and budget. Still, they called and complained to the receptionist, claiming that your service is seriously lacking – and that they won’t be working with you again.Did someone drop the ball? Is… Read more »

Social Media…Why is it Important?

You hear a lot about the importance of social media for your company. But, are you seeing the results? Are people walking through your door and saying, “Hi, I’m here because I saw your Tweet yesterday!” No? We’re not surprised.While this happens – yes, we have clients who have potential candidates and clients walk through… Read more »

Print Graphic Design Terminology

Here at Haley Marketing Group, the Creative Team works together in the same room. Most times, we are all familiar with the terms we use to describe what we do every day. Every once in a while we find someone has a different name for something we have all known as by another name (like… Read more »

2014 Staffing VOICE Award Winners

Congratulations to Haley Marketing clients who won SIX VOICE AWARDS this year! These marketing projects were honored by the American Staffing Association for their vision, originality, innovation, creativity and effectiveness (VOICE). We are VERY proud to have designed award winning marketing for these terrific clients. Congratulations to: Pridestaff Company Publication: Innovations Newsletter Staffmasters Direct Mail:… Read more »

It’s National Customer Service Week!

You know I couldn’t let it pass without at least mentioning it.Back in 1992, President George H. W. Bush designated the first full week of each October as National Customer Service Week ™ to:recognize the contributions of customer service professionalsreinforce the message that customer service is essential to profitabilityI’m a big proponent of providing shareworthy… Read more »