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Tips for Responding to Positive and Negative Reviews Online

What is reputation management? Without seeming too obvious – it’s truly the management of your online presence. No matter whether a company wants to be or does not want to be – every company is represented online. Without the consent of a company, an individual is able to leave a review online about their experience,… Read more »

Yelp Says Your Service Stinks – And Job Seekers Believe Them

If 4 out of 5 people told you that “company x” was horrible, would you consider doing business with them?  Of course not, why take the risk, right? For better or worse, review sites like Yelp, Google Reviews, Glassdoor, TripAdvisor, Urban Spoon and others are shaping where we decide to eat, what hotel we stay at,… Read more »

Have a Problem? Turn it on its head!

Ever heard of the inversion technique?(No, I’m not talking about flipping a bucket of ice water over your head – we did that a few months ago!).The inversion technique is a unique approach to problem-solving that starts with imagining worst-case scenarios – and then using those scenarios as the basis for developing solutions. It’s similar… Read more »

Staffing Webinar: Website SEO – How to improve search rankings and drive more business

You used to be able to add some keywords, build some links and climb to the top of search results. Boy how times have changed!Search engine algorithms continue to get more sophisticated and the science behind climbing search engine rankings is becoming more complex.In this Lunch with Haley, we’ll share:Recent algorithm changes from Google and… Read more »

Top Online Business Directory Listings for Staffing Companies

I always get the question “when someone does a search for local staffing companies, how can I get my company on the map?”  While there are a number of factors that go into it, the most important is to make sure your listing is updated and claimed!  These listings, also referred to as business citations,… Read more »

Inbox by Gmail can be an email marketing nightmare: how to make it work for you

Introduced two weeks ago, Inbox by Gmail is a whole new way to see and use the (potentially) hundreds of emails that you receive over the course of a single day. That convenience factor comes through something that Inbox calls “bundling” and it is both a blessing and a curse, depending on which side of the… Read more »

Staffing Customer Retention: 3 Ways to Keep from “Getting the Boot”

It hurts.Maybe that’s why being dropped by a client is called “getting the boot.”The reasons staffing customers stop working with you may seem quite varied:lack of staffing ROIpoor customer servicepoor candidate qualityinability to meet deadlinesBut in reality, these are all just symptoms of what Kent Lewis describes as “a failure to create meaningful connections with… Read more »

Why do we Live-Tweet our Lunch With Haley Webinars?

Why does the Haley team live-tweet our free Lunch With Haley webinars each month?That is a great question. There are many reasons, and we want to share with you why we choose to tweet along with the webinars we present.It personalizes the experience.As members of our team, or our guest speakers present a live webinar,… Read more »

Staffing World 2014 Recap Webinar

We sent a whole team to Staffing World…so you didn’t have to!Team Haley attended as many sessions as we could at Staffing World 2014, and in this Lunch with Haley webinar we’ll share what we learned at this year’s conference.When: Thursday, October 30th, 2014Time: 2 PM EDTDuration: 60 MinutesCost: FREE!Reserve Your Seat » And join us… Read more »

Before You Hit “Publish”: 6 essential copy editing tips

Life would be so much simpler your keyboard had an “edit” key.You wouldn’t have to worry about little things like typos, grammatical errors, run-on sentences or improper punctuation. And on a larger scale, your published content would be more clear, concise and compelling.That would be great, right?Sadly, programming geniuses have yet to develop a reliable… Read more »