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25 Ways to Lose Followers on Facebook

Let’s get to the point. No one likes to lose Facebook followers.Getting down to the sole reason people are making a conscious effort to unlike your page is crucial to re-evaluating your overall social media strategy and to ultimately improve your content strategy. At Haley Marketing Group, our social media team analyzes the analytics on social media pages for… Read more »

Staffing Partners Puts Staffing in Oregon First

Staffing Partners, a leading staffing agency headquartered in Eugene and serving all of Oregon, has launched a new website at Working with Haley Marketing Group of Buffalo, NY, Michael Reed, president of Staffing Partners, wanted to present comprehensive and easy-to-find information on the services they provide to job seekers and employers in the administrative, clinical nursing,… Read more »

CCS Construction Staffing Builds A New Website

CCS Construction Staffing, one of the premier construction temp agencies, has provided reliable, qualified manpower to the construction trades since 2008. They are committed to serving the needs of their clients and candidates with more flexibility, more attention to detail, and quicker turnaround than any other firm. Their mission is to help finish projects on… Read more »

Case Study: Make a Staffing Website Stand Out

The Challenge… in this case we had lots of them!Make StaffMasters stand out!Position StaffMasters as one of the top workforce solutions firms and temporary staffing agencies in the Carolinas.Sell! Clearly convey the range of staffing and recruitment services StaffMasters offers. Staffing. High volume workforce management. HR consulting. This site needs to sell everything without being… Read more »

How to Rock Your Next Trade Show!

You are most likely paying good money for your booth rental, so you might as well do what you can to make it a successful marketing campaign. Here are some tips to help you begin planning for your next trade show:Set clear objectives.Establish what you expect as a reasonable result from participating in the trade… Read more »

Ask Haley: Will creating inbound links help our SEO?

Q: David, We are looking to improve our search rankings and have heard that creating more inbound links can help. We continually get requests from other companies that are looking for good tips, best practices, articles they can share. Is writing content like this something you would suggest? A: We typically don’t write articles just… Read more »

Sometimes, I just need more information.

When I studied a foreign language in high school, I struggled. Not because it was difficult, but because I never felt like I had enough information to move through the tasks assigned.Often we were given vocabulary words and a story that was about a paragraph in length, told to memorize the story and then be… Read more »