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Online Tools That Make Writing Easier

Content is king! At least that’s what we keep hearing. But when writing is only one of your daily tasks, finding tools that make the process quicker and easier can be a real win. Here are a few worth looking at to generate ideas, take notes and improve your content.EvernoteThis is the mack daddy of… Read more »

Infographic: Recent and soon-to-be college grads are optimistic about the job market

If you’re like me and graduated from college just before or during the last major recession, you will no doubt remember just how difficult it was for either you or many of your friends to find a job. Don’t remember when that was? Below is the American Staffing Association’s Staffing Index data to illustrate it:It… Read more »

Why Customer Service Matters in Staffing (really, though)

One of the hardest parts of differentiating your staffing agency from every other provider of the same services is finding a new way to say “We have the best people, and lowest cost!” – mostly because your competitors are all looking for a new way to say the same thing. So what will make you stand… Read more »

Ask Haley: What do I do with this blog post?

Hi Matt, Any guidance you can provide on the blog is appreciated. I post the blog to LinkedIn. My profile views are going up, but I wouldn’t say my requests for connection are going up. The numbers of views on my LinkedIn posts are good. Some “likes” scattered in there. We linked back to the… Read more »

Passing the Baton: a Case Study in Shareworthy Service

Careers In Nonprofits, a staffing agency focusing exclusively on the nonprofit sector, needed a fresh new brochure to explain their value proposition and services to nonprofit professionals looking for work.The staffing firm chose to work with Haley Marketing Group again (since we’d delivered great results in the past!). But, they selected a different employee, Anne… Read more »

Are There Holes in Your Company’s Branding?

Your company’s brand – from your logo, to your tagline, your mission and values to your color scheme and stylesheet – is what ties together your company and shapes how people view your company.What do people think of when they think of your company? From to your website, to your letterhead and brochures – your… Read more »

Eight Reasons Your Staffing Firm MUST Blog (Infographic)

Better SEO. More web traffic. MORE PLACEMENTS!We’re sure you’ve heard one marketing expert after another tell you that your staffing firm must be blogging. But does it really make a difference?YES IT DOES!Check out the infographic below to see the results for yourself…

Marketing is boring.

Boy, I feel depressed. A couple of weeks ago… I was at a conference getting ready for a presentation to one of our largest clients. The morning of my presentation I sat down to breakfast and introduced myself to a few people I did not know. After some brief chit-chat, I was asked what I… Read more »

Are You Tracking These 3 Customer Service Metrics?

Why measure customer service?Let me count the ways! When you track your service:You know how well your staffing firm is doing.You learn what service areas you need to improve.You send a clear message of how important exceptional service is to your company.You better understand who your customers are – and what they value.If your service… Read more »