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Case Study: SIX Staffing Websites in One??!!

At Haley Marketing Group we love it when our clients come to us with unique challenges!@Work asked us to create a website that would attract clients, candidates, and potential franchisees. AND they needed it to present a unique corporate image while keeping each division’s identity intact.No sweat right? (Our designers are shaking their heads right… Read more »

Haley Marketing helps the Honey Foundation raise $50K

More than Random Acts of Kindness! Thank you for your helping our Hive (and many others). In 2012, HMG donated a beautiful website to our 501c3 Charitable Foundation. Since then, we have helped raise over $50,000 for other charitable causes, like Phoenix Children’s Hospital, American Cancer Society, and others. In addition, we have impacted thousands… Read more »

Bomb Squad: 5 Tips for Defusing Upset Staffing Clients

Kaboom!A placement just blew up in your face and now you have an irate client. A really, really angry one. Upset staffing clients are, unfortunately, a fact of life in business. Whether it was due to an error on your staffing firm’s part, or you’re entirely blameless, one thing’s clear: you need to defuse the… Read more »

Important Email Update! – New Law

Need-to-Know Information for Anyone Doing Email MarketingAs of July 1st, Canada began enforcing a new law that impacts anyone doing email marketing with contacts in this country. This information is important for every staffing firm mailing to a contact in Canada, whether they are a client or candidate.The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) is intended to… Read more »

We Created The Internet.

I had a younger (than me) person tell me the other day, “Sometimes I think adults just don’t get the Internet.” I smiled and responded “Well, that’s interesting because we created it. Oh, and you’re welcome.” I will admit that there are many awesome things that my generation will go down in history for creating… Read more »

Live Tracking Twitter Hashtags – A Lunch With Haley Recap

When it comes to social media, there are countless tools to help you understand the impact your posts are making. During our Lunch with Haley on July 24 we set up a Hashtag tracker through Tagboard to provide our team with a visual representation of all tweets being sent using #LunchWithHaley.If you missed today’s webinar,… Read more »

Introducing Verity Retail Solutions

Since 2003, Verity Professionals has been placing information technology specialists with companies in the Atlanta area and in major cities throughout the United States. In 2013, Verity Professionals evolved into Verity Retail Solutions (VRS) to focus primarily on the retail sector. While Verity Professionals will remain a separate entity, VRS specializes in focusing on the… Read more »