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How to Rock Your Next Trade Show!

You are most likely paying good money for your booth rental, so you might as well do what you can to make it a successful marketing campaign. Here are some tips to help you begin planning for your next trade show:Set clear objectives.Establish what you expect as a reasonable result from participating in the trade… Read more »

Ask Haley: Will creating inbound links help our SEO?

Q: David, We are looking to improve our search rankings and have heard that creating more inbound links can help. We continually get requests from other companies that are looking for good tips, best practices, articles they can share. Is writing content like this something you would suggest? A: We typically don’t write articles just… Read more »

Sometimes, I just need more information.

When I studied a foreign language in high school, I struggled. Not because it was difficult, but because I never felt like I had enough information to move through the tasks assigned.Often we were given vocabulary words and a story that was about a paragraph in length, told to memorize the story and then be… Read more »

Staffing Webinar: Content Marketing 2014

Content Marketing 2014: New Strategies for Sales & RecruitingWhat is content marketing? How does it differ from email marketing?In this one-hour presentation, we’ll show you how email marketing and content marketing go hand in hand. You’ll see how to determine the best content, frequency and timing for your emails and content marketing–and how to measure… Read more »

Common Misconceptions of Local SEO Strategy

Every business with an online presence wants higher rankings in search — particularly Google search. That’s not the big secret here, but how it’s actually accomplished is. Local SEO success requires a game plan, and the execution of that plan to perfection so you can maximize the amount of keyword terms you rank highly for…. Read more »

Comic Sans….Please, don’t.

I’m Jenn Paterson, Haley Marketing Group’s new Senior Designer. I’ve been in design and advertising for more than 15 years and have developed a very specific philosophy about design. It has to be effective. Of course I am quite interested in esthetics and good design principles, but I have always viewed myself as a visual… Read more »

Why Don’t People Like Me!?

WHY DON’TPEOPLE LIKE ME!? We’ve all been there. You spent 20 minutes working on a Facebook post. You added strong copy with a bold call to action. You proofread your copy. You looked away and proofread it again because you swore a word didn’t look right to you. You added a great custom graphic. “People… Read more »

Our blogging services are just that good.

One day last week on the way to work, I was treated to Chopin, which lasted for the entire ride in (thank you satellite radio). As I was driving, I rolled down my window and let the wind blow through my fingers. Then I remembered every ride I’ve ever had in a convertible (and then… Read more »

Read This. It’ll Make You Smile!

Love a good story? I do – especially when it demonstrates a shareworthy service principle.I recently came across a mental_floss article that presented 11 of the greatest customer service stories ever. I’ve chosen three of my favorites and summarized them below. If you need a quick break and want to smile, take a read!Shareworthy Service… Read more »