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Ask Haley: How long should I keep a prospect on my list?

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Q: “I have prospects on my email list that I have never heard from and have never responded to my communications.  How long should I leave them on my list?”

A: This is a fairly common question I get from my clients.  I guess the answer is simple, “until they ask to be taken off your list.”  If a prospect/client does not want to receive your mailings they will certainly let you know.  But even if you haven’t heard from a prospect/client or you haven’t noticed them on your view or click through reports it doesn’t mean you should remove them from your list.

For example, I was just speaking with a client of mine who runs an accounting staffing firm in South Carolina.  He was very excited because he had just received a call from a prospect he had on his email list that he hadn’t spoken to or heard from in over two years.  The prospect received my client’s monthly e-newsletter and he just happened to need an accountant for his firm.  Sometimes you never know when or where your next job order will come from.  But if he hadn’t had this prospect, now a client, on his email list this job order would have gone to a competitor.

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