Want to sell staffing? Rethink the business you’re in!

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Ever read any of Dan Kennedy’s NO B.S. books? If not, check them out. Dan’s not big on management theory (to put it mildly), just practical, no b.s. advice that entrepeneurs need to hear.

In NO B.S. Direct Marketing, Dan (who by the way is one of the most successful marketers on the planet), made a fascinating observation.  Here’s a quote from the book:

“You are not in the  (fill in the blank)   business,
you are in the business of marketing (fill in the blank again)  services.”

So how should you interpret this? Simple. As a staffing executive, your most important role is not to provide great staffing services; your role is to figure out how to create a market for your services.  

You might disagree with this observation, but consider this reality: great service does not differentiate your firm, and it will not create new opportunities for you. Your clients expect great service.

Your job is to figure out how to be different. To figure out who to target, what to sell, how to price your services, how to package your services, and how to deliver your services. Your job is to determine how to best position your firm, and then how to most effectively communicate your differentiation to your clients and prospects. Your job is to be a strategic marketer first and a staffing professional second.

It’s no small challenge. But the first step is to stop focusing on being in the staffing business, and start focusing on being a great marketer of staffing services.

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