FiStaff was looking to draw more attention to their existing tradeshow booth–while still keeping a very consistent look and theme.  Haley Marketing created two banner stands that can be used in conjunction with FiStaff’s larger 10′ booth display as well as independently for smaller shows and events.

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  1. Banner stands are one of the best display products for trade show booths. Haley Marketing’s designs are definitely a step in the right direction for creating more booth awareness. In addition to the standard type of banner stand, there are other displays worth considering and no more difficult to set up and display. A scrolling banner stand is a real eye-catcher. This product displays a printed banner that scrolls around two bars, top and bottom, run by a small motor in the base. This continuous, unending movement is what draws the eye and people can’t help but read what your banner has to offer. If it’s something you might be interested in, it’s available at <a href="<

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