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Ask Haley: Social Networking Time Savers

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Q:  I understand the benefits of social networking, but I just don’t have the time!  All of this Twittering, LinkedIn, blogging, etc. could be a full-time job.  Please help.

A:  A common problem for many businesses is managing the time spent on social networking.  With the plethora of social media available, networking and marketing can be time-consuming and overwhelming! 

To help, here are five time management strategies to help you work smarter:

  1. Pencil it in.  Set aside a few hours each week to focus on social networking.  Block out the time on your Outlook Calendar, close your office door and plug away.  Spend 15-30 minutes a day getting to know the sites, posting information or working on your strategy.  When time is up, move onto your other responsibilities.
  2. Avoid being a “jack of all trades.”  YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter–and the list goes on and on.  You don’t have to be an expert on all of the social media platforms out there.  To start, focus on getting to know one or two before moving onto others. (And if you’re not sure which tools would be best to focus on, give us a call–we’d be happy to help you navigate the social media landscape!)
  3. Connect accounts.  Many social media accounts can be connected.  For example, you can add Twitter to your Facebook account.  This way your Tweets will appear on your Facebook profile.  You can also add YouTube or other videos to your Facebook account.  Plus, you can set up your blog to feed new posts to your Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn accounts.  You’ll save time by not having to log in and repost information several times.
  4. Reuse & recycle.  You don’t have to come up with five different pieces of content for five different social media platforms.  Instead, you can leverage your one piece of content in several different ways.  For example, if you write an article and post it to your blog, you can Twitter about the topic, create a status update on Facebook about the concept, post information from your article to your LinkedIn groups and even use the theme of your article as a basis for a video.  You can also use social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Del.icio.us and StumbleUpon to help others find your content.
  5. Ask for help!  As a busy professional, it can be intimidating to take on social networking alone.  And if you’re not into social networking, then you’re not in the game.  So, if you’re not sure how to use Social Media to build your staffing business we can help. From creating custom profiles that match your corporate branding, to building your network, to writing and posting content on your behalf–Haley Marketing will help you take advantage of all Social Media marketing has to offer.   Just give us a call today at 888-696-2900 to learn more.
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