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Mobile apps…in the cards for the staffing industry?

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I have been with the same cell carrier for nearly six years and didn’t want to jump ship for the iPhone, so back in December 2009 I did some research and made the plunge into the Android market. And, although I consider myself tech savvy, it wasn’t until recently that I started to explore some of the apps that are available to users.

My little Android phone is only a piece of the smart phone market. As of May 2010, according to a study by The NPD Group, RIM’s (Blackberry) OS held 36 percent of the smart phone market, followed by Android at 28 percent and Apple in third with 21 percent.

Why is this important, you might ask? Well, once considered a gadget for those with considerable discretionary income…or, okay, maybe even tech “geeks,” smart phones are becoming increasingly popular with everyday users who want to get more from their phones…more Internet, more video, more information.

As a result of lowered prices and increased interest, overall smart phone sales jumped 48 percent during Q1 2010 compared to last year.

So, the question I will posit to our Ask Haley faithful is this: What, if any, need is there for a mobile app (Blackberry, Android, Apple or all of the above) geared toward the staffing industry?

What’s my opinion? Well, I never thought you’d ask…

Without a doubt, there is a role for mobile apps in the staffing industry. Now, the extent of services an app would provide is where there is some debate. You may recall that I am new to the staffing industry, coming from a public relations and communications background. I am; however, learning more and more from my co-workers, and also our clients, each day. So, I feel confident with my assertion that there is indeed a role for mobile apps in the staffing industry’s future (please, share your thoughts in the comment section…whether you think I’m absolutely nuts or on to an absolutely brilliant discovery).

My initial thought is that a mobile app geared toward staffing could be extra useful for candidates who are on-the-go; interviewing, going door to door, and trying to get out there and find a job. A mobile app, with access to updated job postings, would be an extremely useful tool for these professionals. It would allow candidates to never miss a new job posting that could be relevant to them.

Interactivity is a large part of the success of mobile apps. Users don’t necessarily want to just “look” at something on their phones, they want to achieve, interact, multi-task. How would interactivity figure into this type of app? Perhaps, with just one click, current candidates could submit their profile for a specific position?

Or, to keep it simple, and prevent sloppy resumes (who can type and keep track of everything that would be included in a resume on a 3″ touch screen anyway?), perhaps candidates would be able to send a link for the posting to their email address with one click. That way, the job posting is still top-of-mind for that candidate, and it will be marked for follow up in their email files at home.

So, Ask Haley faithful, what do you think? Do you agree that a mobile app will become an integral tool for the staffing industry? What other suggestions or uses can you think of for this technology?



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