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I saw an interesting marketing tactic recently that I thought could apply to the staffing industry.   There is a mall right by our office that most people would consider the second rate mall in the area behind The Galleria.  Instead of promoting the stores that are in the mall (Macy’s, BonTon, Penny’s, Sears, etc.)  they have started to promote the brand names of products that are sold in their stores.

Throughout the mall and outside, there are signs promoting brands like, Ralph Lauren, Nautica, Columbia, etc.  I imagine this came about because many people look at them as a second rate mall with inferior stores and brands.

It got me thinking that the same thing can be applied to staffing firms.  Instead of selling your services (direct hire, temp-to-hire, temp), try selling the qualities and end result of your services.  For example, instead of saying “we have the temps to fill in the gaps in your workforce”  use a phrase like, “our distribution center talent will keep your products moving off the shelf.”

It’s really the old sell the sizzle, not the steak mentality.  Mmmmm…steak!

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