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Top Tactics for Delivering Relevant Email Marketing

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A new chart released by Marketing Sherpa highlights the top email tactics marketers are using to appeal to their audience:

The most effective email tactic noted is automatically sending email based on specific triggers.
For staffing and recruiting firms, this could be implemented on candidate registration or after a prospect completes a form on your website.  Educational articles, case studies, testimonials, etc. could be sent to potential prospects.  For job seekers, relevant open jobs and career related information could be provided.

The easiest to implement tactic on this list was personalizing email content.
Adding a salutation to the beginning of your newsletter with the recipient’s first name is a great way to add more personalization.  Most 3rd party email delivery platforms provide this option and automate the process for you.  Additionally, you can try incorporating personalization into subject lines.

Email marketing for staffing and recruiting firms.
At Haley Marketing we provide a complete content development and delivery platform for email marketing.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss other ways you can use email marketing to drive business development and recruitment efforts please call us today at 888-696-2900.

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