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Size Does Matter — Especially When it Comes to SEO Search Strings

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When I talk with people about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) I commonly hear:  “I want to rank #1 for staffing”.  Sorry to break the news to you, but unless your name is Aerotek, Kelly Services or Express, you’re probably out of luck. But, there is another approach you can take.

Size Matters – Consider Long-Tail Keywords

A long-tail keyword is a search phrase that is three or more words in length.  While ranking well for just one word (staffing) might be impossible for local and regional firms, adding in other qualifiers to the word “staffing” could yield great results.  For example, instead of focusing on a single keyword, you could aim to optimize your website for longer-tail phrases like: “staffing agency in detroit” or “temp agencies san diego”.  By adding in geographic qualifiers you drastically reduce competition levels (providing you with more opportunity to rank well) and you’re more likely to drive targeted traffic to your website (which should be the real goal of SEO–not just ranking well for a generic term like staffing).

Research Shows Longer-Tail Searches are Growing  

As internet searchers become more savvy, we see that very specific, longer-tail searches are growing in popularity.  A research pool by Experian Hitwise found that more than 1/2 of Internet searches conducted in August, 2011 contained three or more words.

Morale of the Story?

Get focused and targeted and you’ll see website traffic and conversions soar.  And if you have specific questions about what keywords you should consider or where to begin your research, just give us a call.

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