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Business Lessons from ‘The Hunger Games’ Trilogy

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I could not resist! My 16-year old daughter and then my 13-year old son were adamant that I read these books. As a rule, I don’t read fiction. I’m too obsessive; I get so caught up in a good book that I neglect the rest of the world until I finish the last page. So, I tried hard not to read the books, but after the first, I was hooked. I read all three and waited impatiently for the midnight opening of the movie months later. And, I still didn’t get enough….

So, here is a collection of marketing and business lessons learned from ‘The Hunger Games’ that I found around the internet. Who knew there was so much to learn from good fiction? Spoiler Alert: if you haven’t read the books, be aware that the plot is given away in some of the posts. Oh and, if you find any more of these analogies, please use the comments to share them with me.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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