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Get more out of your Facebook company page likes

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Q: What are the best ways to engage people that like our Facebook company page?

A: When someone likes your company page it’s not the same as you connecting with them on a personal level – you don’t have the same “rights”. So for example, if you “friend” another person from your personal account you can write on their wall and interact on a more personal level. As a company page you don’t have this same level of personal interaction–and in most cases, people don’t want companies to have that same level of freedom.

So, how can you better engage people that have liked your Facebook page? Here are a few strategies:

  1. Offer valuable resources. Post content from your blog or from other sources. Think about your audience on Facebook and post content that appeals to them.
  2. Have some fun. Post fun things going on in the community, fun news, trivia, jokes, etc. Facebook doesn’t have to be 100% business.
  3. Post pictures. I saw an eye study done on Facebook posts that said updates with pictures attracted much more attention and kept the reader more engaged.
  4. Highlight existing employees. If you award an employee of the month or week, post a picture and congratulations message on your Facebook page. People love seeing their name in lights and it also shows that you care about your staff.
  5. Highlight internal employees. People love to put a face with the name so highlight your team, share a bit of info about them—both professionally and personally.
  6. Run contests. You could give away a prize to new people that like you. You could award small incentives to people who are frequent commenters. Or maybe you pick a fan at random and do something nice. Whatever you do just be sure to highlight it and let people know.

If you’re struggling with Facebook or any other social media platform, I’d be happy talk with you! Just give our social media team a buzz at 888.696.2900!

Brad Smith
Director of SEO & Social Media

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