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Content Marketing Continues to Grow in Importance

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We’ve heard a lot lately about “inbound marketing” – the catch phrase of marketing platforms like Hubspot.   The premise is that if you create the right materials, customers will find you.  I like the overall theory of this, but what concerns me is that people have mistaken “Inbound Marketing” as a complete strategy.

The fact is that Inbound Marketing is just a component of Content Marketing

The core focus of Content Marketing is creating compelling, valuable content that people want to consume–and then distributing this content through both inbound and outbound marketing channels.  And, according to a recent study released by Econsultancy, Content Marketing is growing in importance.

Why is Content Marketing so important?

  1. Differentiation.
    Every staffing firm touts better service and better candidates.  If that’s your message, then you’re a commodity and you’re most likely battling margin pressures.  Content marketing can help you differentiate your company and provide a new message.  Build your content around helping employers make better hiring, recruiting, workforce and overall business decisions.  Become the go to resource for answers to problems.  Then you won’t need to battle with margins.
  2. Visibility.
    If you don’t stay top-of-mind, you won’t be the first call–especially in the staffing industry.  Oftentimes, the company that is in the right place at the right time gets the business.  Content marketing helps ensure you’re that firm.  By developing a consistent content strategy you can surround your target audience with the right message at the right time and secure more business.  The key is defining the proper frequency and ensuring your content is valuable.
  3. Positioning.
    Are you a partner or a vendor?  Would your client contacts go to bat for you during budget cut time, or switch to another provider?  Content marketing helps convince companies that you’re a firm they can’t live without.  By continually providing sound advice and solving problems, you become a partner that isn’t easy to replace.
  4. Exposure.
    Building on the points in #2 above, when done properly content marketing with greatly increase your exposure.  Content marketing leverages the channels used in inbound marketing (blogs, social media, seo, etc.), but it doesn’t stop there.  By combining those channels with email marketing, direct mail, PR, 1:1 outreach and more, you reach new audiences on their preferred channel.  While some prospects may be active on social media, others may not!  Content marketing helps you reach a wider audience and doesn’t rely on just inbound traffic.

Want to learn more about content marketing?
Well, you’re in the right place!  For the last 15 years, Haley Marketing has focused on create great content that captures attention, engages your audience, and converts visitors to clients.  Contact us today for some great content ideas and an outline of the channels that we’ve found to be most effective for staffing and recruiting firms.

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