South Shore Staffing Gets a New Site

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South Shore Staffing Website
South Shore Staffing wanted to modernize their site and clarify their agencies role when a user first got to the site. They wanted to broadcast their focus on the South Shore (south of Boston) market to their clients and candidates. Serving such a niche market, the entire site features local imagery, from the picture of Massachusetts Bay from Plymouth to local landmarks presented in tandem with images of the financial, accounting and administrative they serve. While the green from their logo and blue (for the sea) are the main colors used on the site, splashes of of other primary colors call attention to different sections of the site. Their copy was completely rewritten, highlighting their differentiators, explaining better to their candidates and clients why working with a local firm outside of Bostoncould provide them with the same level of service of city or national firms and with a more personal touch. The client also took a unique approach to interaction their About Us and Management Team pages, featuring a slideshow on those pages that shows their team in different images. Hovering over an image on the team page changes the team member’s image. The client will add more images featuring the team in action or at special events.

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