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What Kind of Print Collateral Does My Staffing Firm Need?

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Collateral has historically been defined as a collection of printed pieces used to support the sales effort for your staffing services. In the days of cold calls and literally dropping in on potential clients, it was absolutely necessary to have some sort of print piece to leave behind – a business card, a brochure, sales sheet, folder –anything that would help the person you were able to meet with (or not) know not only that you stopped by, but to remember what you do.

The mix of marketing materials your staffing company needs can really only be determined by first creating a sound marketing strategy. For example, a high-touch marketing campaign may necessitate print pieces designed specifically to communicate the message you are presenting. However, these pieces can be created in a clever way that not only helps present your message, but also helps to keep you top of mind.

There are other things we can define as print collateral. Here are a few:

Sell Sheets

Sell sheets can be candidate or client-focused. A candidate-focused sell sheet is an excellent tool for reaching out to potential candidates at job fairs and festivals or even to post on physical bulletin boards in a local coffee shop or diner. Written and designed the correct way, it could offer great leads in an area that seems to have few ways to reach candidates.

A sell sheet with a client focus offers a great way to market your company quickly to potential clients at conferences, as a leave-behind after a sales call, or even to mail alongside a proposal. These can be used to market explanations of niché portions of your company, explain processes or provide clear market differentiation, and explain who you are.

White Papers

These can effectively be used as part of your marketing efforts to inform your audience about a complex issue within a particular business segment or within the staffing industry. It can be used to help position you as expert in that segment or for you to bring to light issues and provide practical solutions.

Case Studies

Case studies are a great marketing tool because they provide examples of real work-life problems that you solved. They not only show you are capable of solving difficult issues, they show you can offer creative solutions to difficult real-world problems.

There are many other items that can be classified as print collateral that Haley Marketing Group can assist you with creating. They include (but are not limited to) items such as:

  • Ads –Magazine and Newspaper
  • Business Cards, Letterhead and Envelopes
  • Pocket Folders
  • Banners and Displays
  • Printed Promotional Items
  • Trade Show Booths
  • Presentations
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Signage –Indoor and Outdoor
  • Workplace Environmental Branding

Contact Haley Marketing Group today, and we’ll help you create a marketing strategy with the best mix to reach the audience you need to reach to grow your business.

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