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Can Just a “Perceived” Economic Shift Impact Staffing?

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It’s no surprise to you if working in the staffing industry, that even a perceived shift in the economy can have a significant impact on your staffing business. These shifts can impact not only your day-to-day operations, but also sometimes how candidates and clients see your role with them as a recruiter or staffing company.

So as we begin to enter into presidential elections and the talk heats up about the state of the economy (which can sometimes make both candidates and clients hesitant to make a move) how can your business respond?

A little creativity may go a long way! It’s never too early to consider thinking about approaching the marketplace a little differently.

  • Look to re-educate to find new sources for talent?
    Those who are willing to educate workers about transferring skill sets may be more inclined to fill available positions with qualified, willing, and available workers. Attending job fairs to find and place these willing job seekers now might be a sure path to filling available job openings.
  • Improve communications to strengthen your talent pipeline.
    Getting the word out via social media and blogging can play a huge role, and those who are willing to communicate in this manner can often gain a significant edge. Glassdoor reported that almost 90% of job seekers say they plan on using their mobile device for some job searching in 2015. So having a mobile-friendly website and an up-to-date job board will help people find you and the positions you are looking to fill.
  • Get into the remote talent business.
    Look for creative ways to put people to work. For example, develop a talent pool of designers, writers or administrative assistants, and use your talent pool to get into the online staffing business offering project and/or hourly work to employers in markets where particular skills are scarce.

Remember everything begins with a having a strategy! Not planning for how to respond to shifts in the economy can cause unnecessary stress. If you need help with your marketing strategy, identifying your niche, a mobile-friendly website (so job seekers can find you), social media marketing advice, or a good solid job board, contact Haley Marketing today.

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