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Need a Reason to Celebrate?

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I happen to have a great one:

It’s National Customer Service Week!

Never heard of it? Here’s a quick overview for you:

  • National Customer Service Week (NCSW) is an international celebration of the importance of (you guessed it) customer service.
  • This year, NCSW runs from October 3rd through October 7th.
  • The U.S. Congress proclaimed NCSW an official national event in 1992, to be celebrated each year during the first full week of October.
  • The Customer Service Group sponsors the official Customer Service Week program, providing information, support materials and inspirational stories from service and support professionals across the country.
  • Each year, thousands of organizations celebrate, ranging from financial, healthcare, manufacturing and hospitality organizations to nonprofits, educational institutions and government agencies.

So if you’re looking for a reason to celebrate, keep reading. Here are a few ways to recognize the amazing people who serve and support your customers, every day:

  • Appoint a champion. Assign someone in your staffing or recruiting firm as the point person for coordinating your NCSW efforts. Hold an initial meeting to determine how, when and where you’ll celebrate. Then, ask your NCSW champion to schedule, delegate and coordinate efforts.
  • Get creative. Consider all the ways you could recognize both individual and group achievements in customer service excellence. Standard ideas include a recognition lunch and/or awards, but sometimes out-of-the-ordinary ideas are effective, too. One company I read about gave their customer service representatives time off during NCSW to volunteer at a local nonprofit.
  • Highlight people and stories. Customer service is all about taking great care of people – and creating great customer experiences. Collect success stories (e.g., testimonials, case studies, employee profiles) that chronicle the ways your staffing firm delivers shareworthy service. Publish them on your blog, in your company newsletter, on your intranet or on your website.
  • Publicize your amazing customer service metrics. In an earlier post, I discussed the importance of tracking your Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), and Customer Retention Rate. If you’re doing a great job in any of these areas (for example, if you’ve received a Best of Staffing® Client or Talent Award from Inavero), now is the perfect time to let everyone know. Communicate key statistics both internally and externally, so employees, clients, candidates, vendors and the general public knows how important customer service is to your organization.
  • Give your clients and candidates an unexpected “thank you.” Whether it’s verbal, emailed or handwritten, a heartfelt “Thank you for working with us!” at an unexpected time makes a tremendous impact. Throughout the week, encourage your team to let all of your customers know just how much you appreciate them.
  • Don’t stop on October 7th. National Customer Service Week may end next Friday, but your celebration and recognition efforts don’t have to! Make a year-round commitment to: raising the bar on your service metrics; gathering customer service success stories; thanking clients and candidates; and recognizing the achievements of every employee who plays a role in customer service.

How do you celebrate customer service success – and the employees who take great care of your clients and candidates? I’d love to know – leave your comment below!

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