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How One Staffing Agency Went From 4% to 59% Email Readership

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Many staffing and recruiting agencies are hesitant to use email marketing. “Who reads email? What if it goes to their Junk folder? What if they block me?” Those concerns are valid, but unnecessary with a strong email marketing game plan, and a targeted list of recipients. You can see the efforts and return on investment from your email marketing strategy soar.

Recently, a client of ours who does light industrial and administrative staffing in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan was facing a problem – candidates weren’t engaging with their email marketing at the rate they wanted. While many clients, at that point, would throw their program to the wayside, this client knew better.

We didn’t throw their program out, but we completely revamped it.

Instead of sending the monthly content marketing email they had been using, this client decided to use an InstantMail (IM) from HaleyMail’s Candidate Toolkit. This email specifically targeted people who had interviewed at their office within the past week. Which solved two problems:

  • Reaching out to candidates after an interview, to ensure they had a contact at the company, and someone to send specific job-searching questions to.
  • Eliminating their biggest complaint from candidates: “No one followed up with me after my interview.”

Not only did this approach solve two problems for the company, it dramatically increased their email readership. Their original candidate emails went from receiving 3-7 percent to now regularly receiving 50-59 percent readership.

Want to create a targeted email marketing campaign that gets results?

Don’t send out emails without a game plan, specific audience, or a great visual component. If you want to see how Haley Marketing Group can help you create an effective email or content marketing program, contact one of our Marketing Advisors today to learn more!

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