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Three Simple Ways to Sustain a Good Reputation in the Recruitment Space

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In today’s digital world, information is endless, and one can look up almost anything on the internet. For recruitment companies and staffing firms, this can be fantastic! … or it could be detrimental to your business’s long-term success. Websites like Glassdoor, Yelp, and Google allow the ordinary citizen to research what candidates, clients, and even what present/past employees think about your firm. Your company’s reputation is everything! To ensure that your company avoids the damaging backlash, here are 3 valuable pointers to sustain a good reputation.

1. Treat ALL of your candidates with respect and compassion.

The bottom line is that candidates will always remember their experience with a recruiter… but they will remember the bad experiences even more. Be sure to train your employees/recruiters on how to nurture their candidates: send follow up emails, notify candidates if they didn’t get the job, and try your best not to “Ghost” your candidates. Some candidates may go out of their way to write a poor review online just in spite! Keep in mind, that as the recruiter, you are representing both your company and your clients. These upset candidates may write a bad review about the client you’re recruiting for, therefore, making the company that is using your recruiting services look bad as well. You don’t want to be on the wrong end of a review online.

2. Make your client feel like they are priority #1.

Of course, clients and people in general, love to feel important. Who doesn’t?! If your client doesn’t feel like you’re looking out for them, multiple things can happen: they may stop using your recruiting services altogether, they may resort to switching to a competitor, and they may even write an unpleasant review online. If they write a review online, any potential business prospects that look up your company online will most likely see this negative comment. Unfortunately, this review will most likely be there forever. Be sure to follow up with your clients, and keep them updated on your recruitment efforts so they feel involved with the process. Work together with the client! Again, your reputation is extremely important, and potential prospects will go with the one with the best. And of course, don’t forget to get those placements!

3. Take good care of your current employees and recruiters.

Candidates and clients are not the only people who write negative reviews online. Current and former employees of your company are in with you, behind the scenes, and they have the power to shed a bad light on the company. Be sure to take care of all your employees and make sure they get fulfillment in the job that they’re in. Just like clients and candidates, they have the ability to write negative reviews. This could shy away candidates, clients, and even future talented employees. Be sure to monitor your companies Glassdoor account.

Reputation is CRUCIAL in the staffing/recruiting business. The recruitment business is tough and competitive… but if you have a good reputation, it can make things painless. Be sure to check out Haley Marketing Group’s Reputation Management services. Stop negative comments, get more positive reviews!

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