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How to Get More Followers on Your Staffing Agency’s Instagram Account

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Want new Instagram followers quickly? You’re going to have to follow them first! Here are three fast and very easy ways to get more Instagram followers right now:


  1. Follow ASA

Are you an ASA member? Perfect! Follow the people who follow ASA. They are your peers and it will help get your name out in your own industry.

  1. Follow Your Competitors

Follow the staffing agencies in your space, then follow their followers! These will be your most-targeted followers because they are already interested in staffing agencies and could be looking for jobs right now!


  1. Follow High-Profile Accounts in Your Geographic Area

For example, Haley Marketing is located in Buffalo, NY so we follow the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Zoo,etc. (For an outstanding Instagram experience, follow the Buffalo Zoo! Their zookeeper takeover days are my favorite!) Don’t expect these high-profile accounts to follow you back, but their followers may follow you. It’s a great way to get your name out in the area.

  1. Use Hashtags!

Be sure to use hashtags in the most effective way, click here for a reminder!

Once you’re on the radar of these targeted followers, chances are likely that they, or their followers, will follow you back. Whether you’re just creating an Instagram account, or you’ve had one and want to grow it, these suggestions can be done in minutes. By creating great content and not being too salesy, you’re sure to build credibility with your followers and boost your company brand.


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