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How can staffing firms deploy the same advertising techniques that made Amazon so incredibly successful?

Marketing Lessons from Amazon
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The following transcript was taken from InSights, a staffing and recruiting podcast from Haley Marketing Group dedicated to providing quick-hitting takeaways on Social Recruiting, Content Marketing and Employer Branding. To listen to the episode, click play on the player above or visit the episode page [InSights] A Marketing Lesson from Amazon


Brad Bialy: I want you to think for a minute about the last time you were on Amazon. Chances are, once you left Amazon, the product you were looking at showed up again on Facebook a few days, or even hours later. That’s called remarketing, and your staffing firm can deploy the same technology with your jobs, from your website.

What is Remarketing?

Brad Bialy: Matt, I want you to walk us through remarketing or, as we call it at Haley Marketing Group, Re-Recruiting.

Matt Lozar: The ads that follow you around the Internet, it’s something we say to prospects or clients, it’s something one of my favorite people I talk to that we work with, out in California, he says he loves to have about his staffing agency. It’s creating the process so when somebody goes to your website, let’s say today, you have the right code, the right programming code, the right website code installed on your website so then once they leave your website, when they go back onto the Internet later today, next week, next month, the advertisement campaign you have set up shows up on their device, or on their laptop, or on their tablet, or on their desktop computer.

Brad Bialy: If you think about what you’re doing right now to generate leads and generate traffic into your website, whether that’s through a social recruiting program, email marketing, search engine optimization, whatever you’re doing to get candidates or prospects back to your website, if you’re not deploying remarketing to target them on the way out the door, you’re really missing out on a huge opportunity. You’re investing all these marketing dollars, all these recruiting dollars into getting traffic to you.

Brad Bialy: What we need to do, as Matt said, is install this remarketing code so that when individuals are on their way out from your website, we continue to funnel them back to your domain, and back to your homeland.

Matt Lozar: It takes a long time to make a decision, in terms of converting. It could be a job application, it could be buying a car. The old adage was about six to twelve touchpoints, or impressions, probably a decade or two ago. Now, I’ve seen 17, 15 to 20 wouldn’t be a shock to me because it’s easier to have impressions. In the digital world, it’s easier than just having a physical touchpoint. It’s also a lot more noise, there’s more people advertising. You just have to find ways to stand out from the crowd, and from your competition, to have those 10, 15, 20 touchpoints, to make that impression, to stay top of mind, to lead to a conversion when your audience is ready to convert.

Why Should You Deploy a Remarketing Campaign?

Brad Bialy:  You might be thinking, well, why would I deploy remarketing, or in what situations would I deploy remarketing code on my website?

Brad Bialy:  At Haley Marketing Group, and really thinking about your own goals, you really want to either generate more applications or more job orders. From an application standpoint, maybe it’s putting that remarketing code on your job board. From there, Matt, what would happen?

Matt Lozar:  Somebody goes to your job board today as Brad has in the example, and then that job candidate or potential applicant goes onto their device, or they will see the ad following them around. If it’s on Google, Google has what’s called the Display Network. Their Display Network is two million websites, so all of those banner ads that you see when you go to … it could be a local newspaper website, it could be any other website that’s in Google’s network, those banner images ads along the sides, along the top, that can be your company and your job posting that follows the interested candidate and applicant around.

Matt Lozar: Maybe they didn’t want to apply right away because they didn’t have time, maybe they were in the supermarket line, or some place they didn’t have more than two minutes just to search around, but they came across your job the first time. Now that you have them tagged on that device, your ads are going to continue to show up in their feed so you can make those touchpoints to get them to the conversion point.

Brad Bialy: Ultimately, if somebody isn’t applying when they first hit your job board, and they look at that opportunity, maybe they are going to a competitor. This remarketing code would allow them the opportunity to see your ad to drive them back to you instead of your local competition.

Brad Bialy: Matt, from a client or a prospect standpoint, maybe it’s putting that remarketing code on a services page, or on a request an employee page, so that when a prospect comes over to the site, they’re not ready, they don’t know what to do yet. They leave, they continue to see that staffing firm.

Matt Lozar: Yeah, Google and Facebook allow you to segment out those audiences if you want. You could create your overall website audience, but then you could have a segment of the people that just went to the job board. Or, as Brad said, a segment of the people that just went to an employer’s page on your website.

Can Remarketing Tactics Work on Candidates and Prospective Clients?

Matt Lozar:  A common question is we get is how can we only show ads to candidates or to clients? If somebody just comes to your homepage, we have no idea. It’s literally impossible to know if it was Matt the job candidate or Brad the staffing owner. Being able to create audiences based on the target pages on your site, that can help you create that client audience. So, the people that go to XYZ Staffing, or work with us, we can help you fill your job orders, that’s the pages you want to build your audience off of, to build that client audience, and eventually get them to a conversion page to grab their contact information as a sales lead.

Brad Bialy: To wrap this segment up, when we think about remarketing, what it is, when you go to Amazon and you look at that product, and you leave and you see that ad for that same product follow you around the Internet, it’s that remarketing, it’s that tracker ad that’s following you all across the Internet.

Brad Bialy: We can do that in the staffing and recruiting industry. By deploying this remarketing code on your website or on your job board, what you can effectively do is make sure that as individuals are coming to your website, they’re tagged with a cooking on their machine so that when they go out to Facebook, or as Matt said, Google, they continue to see ads for your staffing firm instead of your local competition.

Brad Bialy: Getting that repeat traffic back to your website, making more sense out of the marketing dollars that you’re spending, and ultimately creating this funnel where traffic just comes to your site and continues to cycle back to your website.


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