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Spinnin’ Our Greatest Hits, Volume VI – Top Shareworthy Service Posts of 2020

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Looking for ways to WOW customers, build your culture and reputation in the industry, and create raving fans of your staffing or recruiting firm?

Read my Shareworthy Service posts each month!

In them, I share research, insights and best practices for creating a great customer experience – for clients, candidates and even your internal employees.

Need a little help catching up? Here are my “Greatest Hits” from 2020 – the most liked and shared posts about customer service for staffing and recruiting agencies. Not surprisingly, several popular posts this year focused on gratitude, showing appreciation and returning kindness:

Staffing Customer Service in 2020: FREE Ideas to Train up Your Team!

Training is one of the best ways to help your staff create consistently shareworthy experiences. And thankfully, providing that training doesn’t have to cost you a dime. If you’re looking for proven methods to train your staff in customer service, check out my list of the best free resources for customer service knowledge and training.

A “Thank You” You’ll Never Forget (part 2)

This year, good news was sometimes hard to come by. So I intentionally sought it out. Right before the Thanksgiving holiday, I asked our team to describe the best “thank you” they ever received. Their response was so overwhelming, I had to break their stories into two posts! You can read the first collection of “thank you” stories here; and this second installment contains a few more to brighten your day.

How Can You Use Customer Service to Fuel Your Staffing Firm’s Recovery?

Making more sales calls. Expanding service offerings. Exploring new niches. Lowering overhead. When you think of all the things your staffing firm can and should be doing to make it through this downturn, does “improving customer service” even break the top 10? It should! And in this post, I explain 3 ways Shareworthy Service can make a big difference to your bottom line in this economy.

How Will Your Staffing Firm Celebrate National Customer Service Week?

This year, National Customer Service Week was celebrated October 5th through 9th. Besides giving us an annual dose of positivity (which we needed desperately in 2020), NCSW also provides opportunities to build your brand – and your business. This post is full of practical ways to celebrate NCSW all year long.

A Sweet Way to Thank Clients and Candidates

“We appreciate you” is an extremely important sentiment, especially during a time when customer loyalty is being tested every day. If you’re looking for a great way to thank clients, temporary associates or internal employees, try Sugarwish. My company had a phenomenal experience with this virtual store, and this post explains why Sugarwish’s concept works well for staffing and recruiting firms that want to show their appreciation.

Check Out These “Oldies” Too!

These chart-topping customer service posts from 2019 are packed with insights and tips your team can use to dramatically improve customer service.

Have a customer service question, or a topic you’d like to see me cover in this blog? I’d love to hear from you – just drop me a line!

And from all of us at Haley Marketing, have a safe, healthy and happy New Year.

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