How important is it to have a company website?

Well, simply put, do you want to make the right impression on clients and candidates?

Arketi Group, a high-tech business-to-business public relations and marketing firm, released its 2009 Arketi Web Watch Survey. The survey reveals 68 percent of journalists consider the impact of social media on BtoB reporting to be positive.

“While high-profile social media tools like blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are of interest to journalists, our findings indicate BtoB marketers should not discount tried-and-true Internet technology,” said Mike Neumeier, principal of Arketi. “Search engine optimization and building media-friendly websites site remain vital to reaching the business media.”

Corporate websites make a difference in how journalists view an organization, 80 percent say companies without a website are less credible.

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0 thoughts on “80% Of Journalists Say Companies Without A Website Are Less Credible

  1. I have to say that just having a website is probably not enough. It has to be a professional looking, well-designed, high-quality site as well. Having a website that your middle-schooler put together over summer break, with cute bunnies, and flashing text will likely do much more damage to your credibility than having no site at all.

    Your website, in many cases, is the first impression that someone has of your company. It represents not only your products and services, but it also reflects your company’s personality, culture, and values. It is not a place to skimp. Even if you don’t have a large budget, you can still afford a smaller, well-designed site. It will cost far less than what you will cost yourself in lost business and credibility by having a substandard site.

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