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Wellness in the Workplace: 10 Ways to Stay Healthy and Focused

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  1. Get out of Your Chair – I work in a small offices so walking to the restroom or copy machine isn’t very far. Every hour I take a walk around the office and up and down a flight of stairs, gets the blood flowing and get energized.
  2. Stretch – After a few emails roll your shoulders back and forth and do some neck circles. This will ease the tension and improve your posture.
  3. Take a Stroll – Many of us work through lunchtime and eat at our desks while continuing to work. Take 20 minutes to step out and get some fresh air. Walking with a c o-worker or while listening to music is a great way to re-charge and focus on your afternoon to do list.
  4. Fuel Up – Bring energy-packed healthy snacks to munch on throughout the day to avoid late afternoon junk food cravings.
  5. Breath – It may sound silly and simple but many of us hold our breath in stressful situations which can lead to even more stress on the body. Be conscious of your breathing. Take a few seconds to breathe deeply and clear your lungs and mind. We offer in office guided meditation for 15-20 minutes a week to remind us of the importance of focused breathing.
  6. Make it a Healthy Habit – Find something that you can implement daily that you can stick with. Whether it’s a food swap, exercise or something mindful it only takes 21 days to make it a good habit that will last. You Got This!
  7. Mentality – Your attitude, thoughts, feelings and beliefs are all part of your mentality. Calm the thoughts that hold you back and squash those feelings of anxiety and fear. This will help you work through pressure and stress at work.
  8. Fitting it All In – Work, kids, friends and family…how do we find time for it all. Finding a healthy balance is not easy but it is achievable. There are many useful tools out there to help. Find one that works for you and helps you regain control of a healthy lifestyle.
  9. Inspire Others – Have you found a healthy way of eating, exercise or stress reduction that works for you? Share It! People are always looking for quick healthy meals, time savers and quick effective workouts they can fit into their daily routine.
  10. Use Your Resources – Empty office space, video streaming, fit co-workers all equal a great set of resources you can tap into for at work fitness. We offer 20 minute lunchtime yoga classes that we stream form online video sources.

We are lucky that Haley Marketing Group supports wellness initiatives for their employees. Talk to your employer about the importance of overall wellness and start a wellness campaign of your own!

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