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Five Ways to Improve Email Performance

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1. Have a clearly defined goal.

If you don’t know what you want out of your email, chances are the readers won’t either. Lay your message out as clearly as possible to reach the largest audience and achieve a higher click-through rate.

2. Cut the crap.

Remove excess content out of your email. It might seem important to include the latest copy of your company’s review from the local business magazine, but that will only distract the reader from your primary focus.

3. Have a clear subject line.

When it comes to subject lines, there’s a such thing as being too mysterious, trendy or vague. Keep it clear and focused. Too much mystery and you’re likely to sound like spam. Read more about how to write a great subject line here.

4. Add video or gifs.

Videos or gifs in email can skyrocket your click-through rate. Practice caution when using this type of media in email – some email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, haven’t caught up to 2018 yet and will only display the first frame of your video or gif. Be sure to make that first frame count.

5. Send personalized content.

Assuming you have a clean and organized email list, personalization can go a long way. Not only can you include your client’s name in the email, you could include their location, shopping habits and services used. This information can also be used to filter the types of emails sent to different clients, keeping your content important and filtering out all the junk. Our resident email expert, Mackenzie Froese, explains more about personalization in email here.

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