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Case Studies

We love case studies. Why? Because not only do we love to see our clients succeed, it is further proof of how successful relationship marketing can be.

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Digital Marketing

Engagement. Response. And Leads! The Right Digital Marketing Strategy Delivered 65% More New Visitors – and 60% More Form Submissions

Launching a full-service digital marketing program with Haley Marketing that included complete social media management, an ongoing SEO plan, and content and email marketing helped this client improve search engine rankings and secure more inbound leads—while staying in front of the impressive client and candidate database they’ve built.

No Show/No Call

Staffing Firm –Skilled Manufacturing / Light Industrial.

Can a Local Ads Campaign Boost Your Online Visibility?

When a nationwide staffing firm wasn’t getting the online engagement they needed for a local office, our PPC team stepped in with some strategic solutions.
Programmatic Job Advertising

Automating Job Advertising (with Programmatic) Increases Accounting & Finance Applications by 83%!

A smart job advertising strategy that automatically distributed jobs to multiple job boards led to a massive increase in job applications for this specialized staffing firm.

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NetSocial & Social Pro

Automating Social Sharing (with NetSocial) Increases Social Traffic by 190%!

A smart social strategy and automated, team-wide social sharing helped this staffing company dramatically increase traffic on their social media accounts.
Career Portal Software / Programmatic Job Advertising / Blogging / Social Pro

Smart Marketing and a Better Career Portal Increases the Number of Drivers on Assignment by 78%!

A better job board, programmatic job advertising, blogging, and social sharing helped this commercial driver staffing firm significantly increase its driver headcount in just six months.

SEO-Optimized Blogging Generated 1.45 Million Google Searches!

Committing to a long-term content marketing strategy significantly increased this firm’s Google traffic, netting 1.45 million searches and 43.6 thousand clicks.

How Stepping Outside The Box Led To An 83% Increase In Unique Visitors

Becoming more relatable helped this staffing company boost its social presence and brand.

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Blogging & Social Pro

Application Process Too Long? This Creative Solution Created An Exponential Increase In LI Apps

Haley Marketing created a workaround to help our clients avoid breaking a contract with their tech vendor.