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3 Reasons Your Content Marketing is Failing

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As a savvy staffing professional, you understand the importance of providing quality content to attract candidates and employers to your website – and your business. But an effective content marketing strategy takes more than posting a few thoughts and hoping for the best.

Are You Guilty Of These Common Errors?

Not providing value. Nobody but your mom is going to visit your website regularly to see how great it looks. People read your content because they have a problem they need to solve. Show how you can find them great opportunities or top candidates. Your job is to make the lives of your readers easier. Your content’s job is to show them that you can.

Not targeting. You’re not identifying – and reaching – the right people. Do you want to attract more candidates? Consider posting blogs featuring career tips and strategies. Need more clients? Make sure your blogs speak to their pain points – discuss industry news, hiring or management tips, recent regulations or changes they should be aware of.

Not sharing. How many LinkedIn connections, Twitter followers and Facebook friends do you have? Have they all seen your latest blog? Why not? Does your staff share your content? Think about how much reach would you have if your entire team shared your content with their friends, business acquaintances or groups.

Commit to spending the few minutes a week it takes to share your content across social media. Build time into your employees’ schedules so that they can do the same.

No Time for Content Marketing?

Leave it to the experts at Haley Marketing. Email campaigns, blogging, social media marketing and more – we can do it all. Learn more about services that can bring more candidates and clients to your staffing business.

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