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What Makes a Great Blog Post?

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We often promote blogging to clients – it’s great for SEO, driving traffic to your site, and a key resource for educating site visitors. But what is it exactly about a blog post that magically turns your website into a wealth of staffing knowledge and advice?

Here are the key components to a great blog post:

  • Original Content
    Each post we publish for clients is written for them by a professional who knows how to write and understand the staffing industry. Plus, our writers must complete an online training program in search engine optimization to ensure every single post gets the best SEO value. This sort of original content is great for SEO and helps turn your potential clients into an educated audience.

  • Visual Appeal
    A blog post can go from “meh” to “Wow!” with a few design elements and key visual tactics. Keeping these in mind, all posts are styled and formatted to match your website and the industry you work in – from niche recruiting to high-level placements. 

    Additionally, blogs that incorporate our Social Sharing program have custom header images added to every post that make a bold, visual statement about the content, and encourage site visitors to read more. 

  • Calls to Action
    Getting someone to your blog post is only half the battle. Having them take an action from there is the real end goal. Haley Marketing ensures that all blog posts have calls-to-action included that generate an end result, with phrases like:
    – Click here to view our open positions today!
    Need talented candidates now? Click here to speak to a staffing specialist.
    – Want to find out more about this topic and how it affects your company? Call us today!

Blogging is a key component to a successful staffing site, but a GREAT blog can make all the difference between a reader and a client.

Want to find out more about how a GREAT blog can help your website? Click here to request information from one of our marketing specialists. (Now that’s a great call-to-action)

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