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Rapid Fire: The Best Places to Learn About Social Media and Digital Marketing

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The following transcript was taken from InSights, a staffing and recruiting podcast from Haley Marketing Group dedicated to providing quick-hitting takeaways on Social Recruiting, Content Marketing and Employer Branding. To listen to the episode, click play on the player above or visit the episode page
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Brad Bialy: Matt, it’s time for another rapid fire round of takeaways. If you’re newer to InSights, on episode six, which we’ll link to in the show notes, Matt and I went through a rapid fire best places to share your jobs on social media. Today we’re going to talk about where we learn and who we learn from in the digital marketing and recruitment marketing space. Matt, I’m going to let you start.

Matt Lozar: Wow.

Brad Bialy: Please.

Matt Lozar: Gentleman here. This is a lot of pressure. I’m going to start with the recruitment marketing space. I think an organization that’s done a really good job, I think it’s been almost a year, year and a half, two years, it’s Rally Forward Recruitment Marketing and Lori Sylvia. She does a great job of basically recruitment marketing or content marketing for the industry. They have webinars pretty much monthly. They have an annual conference. They have an email newsletter that goes out every week that shares the blogs on their website, on social media, and just does a really good job of building this community and I think Lori does a great job of being very personable with sharing content, sharing great case studies, and continually keeping the content from them top of mind. Probably the best part is all of it is free. Every conference, webinar, anything is free and it’s very good in the recruitment marketing space.

Brad Bialy: I’m going to start with a book I read in February called Marketing Rebellion by Mark Schaefer. I’ve been out for Haley Marketing Group quite a few times sharing my insights on personal branding. This book really became a cornerstone for part of that presentation. Mark has a quote in there that says, “Be more human no matter what happens next. If we use that as our constant guide and filter, we’ll be okay. The most human company wins.” Marketing Rebellion is an excellent book about how you can be more human in your marketing approach. I certainly encourage you to read that.

Matt Lozar: You want to shift to social, or you got more books over there?

Brad Bialy: I do have more books. I can give another tip here. The next book really that I would recommend is Contagious. It’s why things catch on, and it’s by Jonah Berger. Really I love the book. It’s about why ideas catch on. One of my key takeaways here is a quote from the book says, “We need to design products and ideas that are frequently triggered by the environment and create new triggers by linking our products and ideas to prevalent cues in that environment.” I think if you want ideas to catch on and you want ideas to stick, individuals need to be constantly reminded of that idea. It’s why social media sticks. You constantly get notifications to come back to that platform. For me, I really enjoyed that book and I think that’s another great place that you could learn about how not just how to get your business ideas to stick, but how to get your ideas with friends and family members to stick as well.

Matt Lozar: There’s a couple, I don’t know if you’d call them bloggers or more social media influencers, I like Larry Kim and Neil Patel. Larry Kim talks about 800 miles an hour, which is a couple hundred miles an hour faster than me, which could be hard to understand, but I’m a very fast paced person and Larry Kim does a great job of, he’s big into the mobile messenger world of chat bots and Facebook Messengers because we want instant results and instant responses in any industry. He focuses more not on staffing just social in general, and does a great job of explaining it and seeing how we could bring those into the staffing industry. Neil Patel is similar. Very long form content, but it’s very good content. Breaks it up into screen shares and data and whatnot. I think those are two. If you’re looking for trends in social media, great reads because they look at that consumer world, which is usually at least months or years ahead of that talent acquisition staffing world.

Brad Bialy: If we’re going to look at individuals, individual authors or individual influencers, I learn from Gary V.

Matt Lozar: There he is.

Brad Bialy: I learn from Brian Fanzo. Then I think we have to include Seth Godin on that list as well who just put out This is Marketing, a brand new marketing book, but also has a great blog, Seth’s Blog, which is a great read as well. If we’re looking for influencers and other people that I learn from, Gary V., Brian Fanzo, Seth Godin.

Matt Lozar: I can’t believe you didn’t say Jay Baer.

Brad Bialy: Now I feel bad. I actually, as we’re recording this, we’re recording this on Friday, I listen to the Social Pros podcast on the way in. See I didn’t get to podcasts yet. I started with books. Then I went to influencers and thinkers. I was going to go to podcasts next.

Matt Lozar: Well Jay does all of that. He has a book, books.

Brad Bialy: He does.

Matt Lozar: He is an influencer. His Talk Triggers book is very good where it talks about how, perfect example actually that Todd Lewandowski brought up on his episode of Secrets of Staffing Success with Robin Mee, was the menu at the Cheesecake Factory. It’s literally a novel, but that’s their thing and everybody that goes to The Cheesecake Factory, probably for two things, one the cheesecake or two the menu. You can get anything you want. It would take you 20 minutes to read everything, but people know it and that’s their thing. Jay is really good in the industry. He talks on his podcast about video and does a good job of staying on top of those trends and sharing content, if it’s books, if it’s blogs or podcasts, which we appear to be pivoting to here.

Brad Bialy: If we’re going to stay on podcasts, I love the Social Media Marketing podcast by Social Media Examiner. I think that it’s a great recap of what is currently happening in the social media landscape. It gets away from social recruiting, but it helps us understand what’s working in social media collectively, what new advances are being made on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, what new tools are being shifted, and what new tools are even being created, how can we consistently learn what’s going on so we can then deploy tactics on those platforms. I also love The Blogging Millionaire by Brandon Gaille that talks about how you can be great at blogging and how you can actually generate revenue from blogging. I think if you’re looking at creating content, and we talk about the content blueprint on InSights, listening to The Blogging Millionaire is another great podcast that can help you learn about the content marketing landscape.

Matt Lozar: I’m going to stick to podcasts and a couple from the HR world. I do like, I think Megan M. Biro’s Work Trends Talent Culture podcast is good. She gets great interviews with people around the industry and then has a live Twitter chat on Wednesday about the podcast from the previous week. If you sign up for hew newsletter, you know the topics beforehand. Great job there integrating everything. Really good interviewer too.

Matt Lozar: Then if I didn’t say The Chad and Cheese podcast Brad would probably throw me off here. A podcast that has grown in popularity a lot I think, I started listening to it in the beginning of ’18. If you’re in the HR world, they are at conferences almost every week. People like their very upfront delivery. If you don’t like swearing, don’t listen to them, but they are very honest and they are very knowledgeable at the industry and don’t care about calling out garbage and anything like that. That’s very interesting and I think they do a great job of talking about how this industry needs to change quickly, and talks to a lot of influencers too. They talk to some of the biggest people in the industry.

Brad Bialy: I’m going to stay on podcasts. I understand that it’s difficult at times to continuously learn. If you think about your personal schedule reading books, reading blogs, where does that fit in. For me, podcasts are the perfect opportunity to listen while you’re on the go, whether you’re sitting at your desk, you’re driving in the car, it’s a great opportunity. I would recommend the Just Try This podcast. That’s Brian Fanzo and Amy Landino. Then I would also recommend The Speaker Lab with Grant Baldwin. If you’re interested in how to be a better presenter, how to show yourself in meetings, and how to really portray yourself, The Speaker Lab by Grant Baldwin has been instrumental in my development and I recommend you listen to that as well.

Matt Lozar: What else is on your list?

Brad Bialy: What else is on my list? Well the Haley Marketing blog of course. I would recommend that we go to the Haley Marketing blog and the Idea Club for best practices in the staffing and recruiting landscape. Our team of marketing educators, our team of social media advisors, project managers, creative individuals, everybody on Haley Marketing’s team is consistently writing content for the Haley blog and the Idea Club. What you’re getting on the Haley blog is not only the best information on the tactic and the tool, but it’s how it relates to you specifically in staffing and recruiting.

Matt Lozar: I think that’s a great way to wrap up the segment here. We’ll list a lot of these in the show notes, but fantastic job by Brad here to steer this segment then kind of wrap it up here. There’s a lot of great content on our blog and so many great thought leaders and people with awesome knowledge in our building that are helping bring those trends of marketing to staffing.


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