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Creative Ideas for Recruiting in a Tight Talent Market

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Staffing industry veterans knowthere are peaks and valleys in demand for talent. Sometimes there are more candidates than jobs, other times  — like right now — there are more jobs than candidates.

In the United States, the unemployment rate has been below 6% since 2014, presently, it’s hovering near 4 %. That’s great news for job seekers, not so much for staffing firms and employers with essential jobs going unfilled.

Here are 8 + creative ideas to attract great candidates — even when it seems impossible:


Try Snapchat. It will give you access to 100 million daily users under the age of 34.

Dig into job board analytics. Find out who’s applying and how they’re finding you. Redouble your efforts where it makes the most impact.

Re-recruit. Returning visitors to your job board are 2x more likely to apply to a job than a first-time visitor.

Advertise on Facebook. It’s where both active and tough-to-reach passive candidates are. You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck.

Remember Word of mouth. Don’t underestimate the importance of discussing your hiring needs in your social circle AND offering an enticing employee referral program.

Use Mobile-Friendly Applications. This isn’t technically a way to find candidates, but long applications that can’t be completed on mobile are a sure way to lose them.

Re-engage with Remarketing. PPC puts you in front of those who visit your website by launching a remarketing campaign that will keep your staffing firm top-of-mind.

Learn about Recruitment Marketing. Focus your efforts on attracting and retaining the best candidates with these tools and techniques. Learn more by joining this month’s Lunch with Haley on our Recruitment Marketing Services.

Want EVEN MORE RECRUITING IDEAS? Check out this list of more than 100 fun ideas you can use to inspire brainstorming sessions with your team.  

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